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Here Are Some Inspirational TED Talks to Remind You That Global Goals Are Achievable

UCLA Anderson / Flickr

Sometimes we could all use a little inspiration.

Every day, Global Citizens around the world work tirelessly to organize social action into tangible progress. Even when the hurdles we face seem massive, there is always reason to keep pushing for what we believe in.

We won’t stop battling for a better world, and neither should you.

These inspiring TED Talks will remind you that, despite the challenges the world still faces, progress is being made in the issue areas Global Citizen campaigns on: women’s empowerment, poverty, climate action, increasing access to education and basic healthcare services.

Watch, learn, and be inspired to continue working towards the Global Goals.

Women and Girls:

"When Women Are At The Table" | Fawzia Koofi

Fawiza Koofi is an elected member of the Afghan parliament and a women’s rights advocate. When she was born, she was an unwanted child. Through the story of her life and work in advocacy, Koofi inspires audiences to join her in the fight to extend more rights to women and girls in Afghanistan.

"My Daughter, Malala" | Ziauddin Yousafzai

Pakistani educator Ziauddin Yousafzai is best known for being the father of teenage activist, Taliban attack survivor, and Nobel-Peace Prize winner Malala. In this talk, he explains the importance of equality of opportunity for women and girls by telling his family’s astonishing story.

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Water and Sanitation:

"A Young Scientist's Quest for Clean Water" | Deepika Kurup

Teenage scientist Deepika Kurup discusses how her 8th grade science project ballooned into a breakthrough technology for water purification. Her talk will leave you optimistic about the younger generation's ability to take the world’s problems on in stride.

"The Amazing Power of Toilet Innovation" | Brian Arbogast

“My goal is to get you to be more likely to talk about sh*t,” says Brian Arbogast, a social innovator working in sanitation. His informative and funny talk details some of important ways increasing access to sanitation can change the globe, and how toilets can help us get there.

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"How Health is the Key to Climate Action" | Ilona Riipinen

Stockholm University environmental science professor Ilona Riipinen delivers this important talk about the intimate link between the environment and global health. Using the metaphor of earth as a home, she makes a powerful case for action issues of climate change.

"The Case for Optimism on Climate Change" | Al Gore

The king of climate Al Gore provides a stirring call to action with his optimistic view on how we can solve the earth’s biggest environmental issues. This video should give all those interested in taking action on climate change the hope they need to continue fighting the good fight.

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"Don't Feel Sorry for Refugees" — Believe in Them | Luma Mufleh

Luma Mufleh is a Jordanian immigrant and founder of the first accredited school for refugees in the United States. Her talk presents a series of stirring stories about the trials and triumphs of refugees she has worked with over the years, proving that faith in humanity is first step in overcoming all of its challenges.

"The Refugee Crisis Is a Test of Our Character" | David Miliband

David Miliband is a former English politician and current CEO of the nonprofit International Rescue Committee. This talk highlights the severity of the current refugee crises occurring in so many places around the world, and presents some ideas about how to solve them.

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"Public Health as an Urban Solution" | Leana Wen

What are the connections between public health, crime, and injustice? In this talk, Leana Wen makes the case that focusing on global health concerns might be the key to solving many related issues of inequality and discrimination around the globe.

"It's Time to Focus on Health Prevention and Promotion" | Derek Yach

Derek Yach spends this talk discussing how a shift in thinking from disease treatment to disease prevention could make a huge impact on global health outcomes. Yach believes that it’s time to “redefine the unacceptable, and act accordingly.”

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Finance & Innovation:

"Changing the World Through Social Entrepreneurship" | Willemijn Verloop

“I believe we need more unreasonable people,” says Willemijn Verloop in her discussion of how social entrepreneurship can change the world. "We urgently need new solutions to fight poverty. Social entrepreneurs choose to see opportunities instead of intangible problems."

"How Simple Ideas Lead to Scientific Discoveries" | Adam Savage

Entertaining as ever, Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame provides examples of how some of the  most innovative ideas came from simple or unexpected origins. Savage delivers an inspirational message that the solutions to our biggest problems might be lurking just around the corner, appearing when we least expect them.

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Food & Hunger:

"Hunger Isn’t a Food Issue. It’s a Logistics Issue" | Esther Ndichu

It turns out that a solving global hunger might be best left to… delivery companies? Esther Ndichu gives this informative talk on how hunger can be solved through technological advances in the logistics of food delivery systems.

"The Secret Ingredient for Ending World Hunger" | Raj Patel

“When you see the bodies of children racked by malnutrition, your heart breaks.” Author, activist, and professor Raj Patel talks about how issues of global hunger and patriarchal systems of social organization are related, and why the solution to both of them are intertwined.

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"How America's Public Schools Keep Kids in Poverty" | Kandice Sumner

Kandice Summer asks some difficult questions about the educational system in America, and suggests changes that could have profound impacts on inequalities. As a teacher in Boston, Summer herself has  worked with children that she says deserve more, and believes she knows how to provide it.

"The Heavy Burden of Hope — Girls Education in the Developing World" | Amy Benson

Amy Benson, a documentary filmmaker, delivers this emotional talk on how education can changes lives for women and girls in the developing world. Through stories about her first-hand experiences working with young women around the world, Benson makes a strong case that ensuring access to education is one of the most important goals we must work to achieve.

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TED Talks Right from Global Citizen:

What Does it Mean to be a Citizen of the World? | Hugh Evans

Hugh Evans is the co-founder and CEO of Global Citizen. His TED Talk is fundamental watching for anyone that wants to know exactly what being a Global Citizen really means.

Can a Digital Movement End Global Poverty? | Michael Sheldrick


Michael Sheldrick is the Global Director of Policy and Advocacy at Global Citizen, and a firm believer in the power of social movements to change the world. Sheldrick delivers this powerful talk on how Global Citizen’s digital platform channels energy into real outcomes.