Why Global Citizens Should Care
In order to end extreme poverty by 2030, we all need to take action. The first season of Powering the Movement, our new podcast, highlights five activists around the world who are having an extraordinary impact on the issues of health, climate change, education, gender equality, and more. You can download and listen wherever you get your podcasts, and join Global Citizen in taking action here.

Global Citizen is a movement of engaged citizens who are using their collective voice to end extreme poverty by 2030. Young activists creating positive change in their communities are powering that movement — and we’d like to introduce you to them.

Powering the Movement: A Global Citizen Podcast, produced in partnership with Kindred Media, is our brand-new podcast that highlights activists dedicating their lives to ending extreme poverty and using their passion, experience, and energy to solve some of society’s most pressing problems.

Now available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever else you get the podcasts you love, our inaugural five-part series brings you to five countries around the world, where activists are taking real, tangible action to tackle the issues of climate change, health, education, gender equality, and more.

With our host Madge Thomas, Global Citizen’s vice president of global policy and government affairs, you’ll meet Nashin Mahtani, 28, who created a crowd-sourced map called PetaBencana.id that can save lives during extreme weather events in Jakarta, as well as Priya Prakash, 29, whose organization HealthSetGo brings quality health care, checkups, and hygiene tips to India’s children where they are — in their schools.

You’ll also meet Alain Nteff, 27, whose social enterprise GiftedMom connects 200,000 expecting mothers in Cameroon to medical care and information through a text message service, and Haroon Yasin, 27, whose company Orenda converts Pakistan’s national curriculum into an engaging app for kids who might not have traditional opportunities to learn. And in the final episode you’ll travel to Brazil, where Luisa Bonin, 29, started Tamo Junto, which offers practical resources to entrepreneurs — especially women of color — and connects them to resources that help them formalize their businesses and support their families.

These unsung heroes do the hard work every day to end extreme poverty around the world, bringing their communities better quality education, health care, nutrition, and equality.

Madge Thomas, Host of "Powering the Movement" and Global Citizen's Vice President of Global Policy and Government Affairs

"It’s such a privilege to host this podcast that is putting grassroots activists and young leaders at the heart of advocacy and storytelling," Thomas said. "These unsung heroes do the hard work every day to end extreme poverty around the world, bringing their communities better quality education, health care, nutrition, and equality."

She added: "Powering the Movement amplifies their work and its challenges, but highlights the difference young people can make through innovative solutions, all the while adding an exciting new tool to the Global Citizen platform. We look forward to sharing more stories of impact and activism in the coming year to remind Global Citizens why it’s so important to keep taking action!"

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Powering the Movement helps show Global Citizen’s model, which is driven by action taking. We aren’t a charity; we’re an international advocacy organization that, through our campaigns, rallies everyday Global Citizens to push governments, communities, and corporations around the world to commit to crucial policy changes surrounding the core issues related to extreme poverty: health, girls and women, education, food and hunger, water and sanitation, and the environment. We work with NGO partners, celebrity advocates, grassroots activists, and more to obtain these commitments and hold world leaders accountable.

Over the past 10 years, Global Citizen’s campaigns have driven major commitments from world leaders, whom we bring onto the Global Citizen Festival stage alongside world-class artists — Beyoncé, Rihanna, Coldplay, Queen + Adam Lambert, to name just a few — to celebrate the advancements we’re making toward ending extreme poverty. 

Since 2009, Global Citizens have taken 23.7 million actions, leading to $48.4 billion in commitments that have impacted 880 million lives to date.

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With only 10 years left to achieve the Global Goals, the collective voice of Global Citizens is key to our advocacy and impact, and the activists featured in Powering the Movement show how anyone can make a difference. 

Download and listen to Powering the Movement: A Global Citizen Podcast today, and let these stories inspire and empower you to take action.

Ready to do your part? Sign up to be a Global Citizen at globalcitizen.org or by downloading our app. Take action, be an advocate, make an impact — and help power the movement to end extreme poverty.


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'Powering the Movement': A Global Citizen Podcast About Young Activists Fighting Extreme Poverty

By Matt Petronzio