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17 Ways You Can Help Moms Around the World This Mother’s Day

It’s important to come together and support the world’s women every day, but Mother’s Day is the perfect time to give those efforts an extra bump by taking action to help all the world’s global mamas.

We’re already on track to helping mothers thrive globally. Since 1990, maternal mortality worldwide has dropped by over 44% — and global leaders have promised that’s only the start.

As part of the Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations has a target to reduce the global maternal mortality ratio to less than 70 per 100,000 live births by 2030.

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Let’s use Mother’s Day to continue the progress and reach this goal. Here’s what you can do:

Help Stop the Famine

Mothers are not the only one’s responsible for nutrition. It’s up to all of us. Take action and tell world leaders to do everything in their power to end famine in East Africa. 

Call on African Leaders to Support Maternal Health

Caring for children is not just a mother’s or father’s responsibility. Every global citizen can take action to increase access to health for those who need it. Take action on Mother’s Day to support the world’s children.

Help Create a Future of Empowered Women by Supporting Girls’ Education

Educating mothers saves lives. Children born to mothers who can read are twice as likely to live past age five. And the World Bank estimates that two maternal deaths a year can be prevented for every 1,000 women who receive an additional year of school.

Help This Health Center Save Thousands Of Women and Children

In 2014, the community of Budondo, Uganda, transformed when the organization Mama Hope helped fund the Suubi Health Center — the only health center for 15 miles (25 km). Since then, routine checkups, immunization, and day-to-day treatments that the facility has provided have helped save the lives of hundreds of mothers and children in the region. The center has plans for a new 5-story project it hopes will “ensure the safe birth of nearly 3,060 children over the next three years.” Help make this a reality.

Share These Stats About Maternal Health From Care

According to Care, a nonprofit organization fighting poverty, 99% of all maternal deaths occur in developing countries. Each year, around 2 million mothers and newborns die during childbirth. Every day, approximately 800 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. Know your facts, share, and retweet their stats.

Help Make the Drug Which Saved Thousands of Mothers More Widely Available

Tranexamic acid, a long-overlooked drug created in the 1950s, may finally offer an answer to saving more mothers’ lives. You can help the drug become more widely available by sharing the success stories of patients’ and families that took part in the trial that made the discovery.

Support UNICEF In Their Mission Reduce Maternal Mortality

All children deserve the healthiest possible start in life.

Since 1990, UNICEF has been one of the organizations responsible for decreasing maternal mortality. They have increased parental planning, provided lifesaving solutions, and reduced the amount of adolescent pregnancies worldwide. To help them continue this work, learn more here or donate.

Tell Expecting Moms About Baby Boxes

LA-based company Baby Box provides expecting parents with a large cardboard box stuffed with essential items in hopes of reducing infant mortality rates. In exchange for a free box, parents must complete a quiz and read online materials developed with the help of health experts and authorities on newborn care. First implemented in Finland, these boxes are also given away in the UK. Tell expecting parents and help reduce the infant mortality rate in the US, which is currently 6.5 deaths for every 1,000 births.

Go to a Clinic and Volunteer

Find a local maternity clinic in your area this Mother’s Day and look into volunteer opportunities. Or, sign up with Maternity Worldwide to volunteer overseas with doctors, nurses, midwives, and other professional staff to play a vital role in saving the lives of countless mothers and children.

Share Your Hopes For Families Around the World

As we continue to march for women’s rights everywhere, we need the stories of Global Citizens like you to build this movement. Each one of us plays a role in creating this change. In sharing, empowering and loving each other we grow one step closer to true equality. Share an inspiring story during Johnson & Johnson’s Global Mom’s Relay and they will donate $1 for every post.

Tweet To End Gender-Related Violence

Ask policy makers, government, and business leaders to make ending violence against women and girls a priority by tweeting and spreading the word.

Remind Leaders About Their Promise To Get More Women Employed

In 2014, the G20 committed to reduce the gap in female-male labour force participation rates by 25% by 2025. Delivering on this commitment has the potential to allow more than 100 million women to earn their own income and make decisions about their own lives. Remind them.

Empower and Support Fellow Moms

The 2013 National Motherhood Decisions survey showed that at least 95% of moms have felt judged or criticized for their parenting decisions — on everything from going back to work after having a child to breastfeeding. Similac’s StrongMomsEmpower program urges mothers to create a more supportive and less judgemental environment. Subscribe, sign up, learn more.

Ensure All GIrls Have Access to Menstrual Hygiene

When girls don't have access to menstrual hygiene not only do they drop out of school, poor hygiene during menstruation can damage women' reproductive systems. To give all girls the chance to be health mother's menstrual hygiene is essential. 

Take Action to Stop Child Marriage

Girls who marry young are more likely to become young mothers. This can cause devastating birth complications and spike maternal mortality rates according to UNICEF. Tell the Tanzanian government to end child marriage.

Thank Canada and Tell Other World Leaders to Do More

Seriously, Canada stepped up big time for maternal health and access to healthcare as part of the She Decides campaign. They committed $20 million, and another whooping $650 million to women’s health. Graciously thank Canada, then tell other world leaders to do more.

Yedeneku Aynalem, 38, with her 4 years old daughter Desta and son Barkelegn, 10 month

Support Women Owned Businesses

Working moms are everyday heroes. While you’re expressing gratitude to the mothers in your life, take time to let other companies know you value products made by women in power.