How did you respond to the outcome US election? Anger, jubilance, disbelief? Celebrities around the world reacted to the news in different ways, most commonly following the kind of emotional patterns you’d expect from a high school breakup. Lady Gaga took to the streets to protest, Miley Cyrus posted an emotional plea to America, and confirmations trickled in that they will not, in fact, all be rushing to emigrate to Canada. 

But, of course, Emma Watson went one step further.

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Last week, Watson gave away 100 copies of Maya Angelou’s “Mom & Me & Mom” on the London Underground. Since then, the world looks very different as the US delivered the most shocking election result in its political history. But Watson has not slowed down. 

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Watson returned to public transport with a point to prove. The Harry Potter star planted more feminist texts around the New York subway. Watson, a UN Goodwill Ambassador, is renowned for working to empower women through persistent campaigning. The surprise election result will not stand in her way.

Originally in partnership with the Books on the Underground project, Watson has seemingly taken her mobile library to a new level. The Angelou autobiography is the latest text that Watson has plugged as part of her online feminist book club Our Shared Self. In the context of an election rife with accusations of misogyny, Watson clearly wants to contribute to the conversation.

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If you can take one thing from the election reaction, let it be this. Whichever way you voted, if you’re unhappy with the politics around you, don’t be content with a Facebook post. Don’t dilute your outrage down to 140 characters. Get out there and express yourself. Take your grievances into the real world, and try to change it. It’s understandable after such a long, exhausting campaign cycle that you’re tired of watching the news. But perhaps Watson can suggest something a bit different to read.


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