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James is UK Digital/Communications Manager at Global Citizen. A devout Welshman based in East London, he adores new music, adventures abroad, and Liverpool Football Club. When he's not studiously tinkering with his Fantasy Football team, he's busy either quoting Kanye West or planning his next ambitious trip away. His favourite things in the world are his labradoodle (called Pandora), Huw Stephens, and everything David Bowie did in the 70's.
Why James Hitchings-Hales is a Global Citizen
Equality is everything. I believe that every human being must aspire to universal common ground, beyond self interest. Feminism, LGBT rights, Black Lives Matter: it must all come together to unite a world often in divisive disarray. We must recognise our privilege, and work with the world to recognise that we're all in this together. We have more in common than that which divides us.
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