With overwhelming evidence that natural disasters are becoming more intense and frequent due to climate change, it’s clear that the earth needs our help now more than ever. This year, you can honor Earth Month by showing your support for the planet all April long through intentional and well-informed action.

As the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has repeatedly highlighted, including in its latest report on April 4, we have an opportunity to change the narrative on climate change — but it relies on all of us taking action, and doing it now, because the window of opportunity is closing fast. 

Climate change is already impacting low-income nations the hardest, despite these nations having contributed the least to the climate crisis, with millions forced to leave their homes and experiencing food shortages due to devastating floods, cyclones, and droughts. If the planet’s temperature keeps rising at its current rate, over 130 million people could be pushed into extreme poverty.

But humanity can avoid the worst effects of the climate crisis if we change course immediately. We need to prevent the planet’s temperature from rising 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, commit to climate financing, and work with Indigenous and local communities to restore and protect nature. 

Over the past 50 years, Earth Day has been celebrated on April 22 to raise awareness of climate change and encourage people to take environmental action. But why wait for Earth Day itself to commit to climate action? You can become an Earth Month Hero by joining us in taking action to tackle the climate crisis and its impacts throughout the whole of April. 

We’ve rounded up a list of actions you can take with us during Earth Month to show how you support the environment and inspire world leaders, corporations, and more, to do their part to stop the climate crisis. And to say thank you, take five climate actions with us this April and you'll earn our exclusive Earth Month Hero badge to wear proudly on your Global Citizen profile. 

1. Tell Governments and Corporations to Deliver Climate Justice

World leaders have the power to change how we interact with the environment and there’s no time to sit tight. But, year after year we watch those in power fail to deliver the action our planet so desperately needs — despite numerous opportunities in recent years, including last year’s UN COP26 Climate Change Conference. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. Add your name to our petition telling world leaders and corporations it’s time to put words into action and protect our planet — by cutting ties with fossil fuels, protecting and supporting the populations on the front lines of the climate crisis, and applying sustainable practices to safeguard nature. They won’t be able to ignore the millions of voices coming together from around the world.

Take action here

2. Tweet President Biden to #JustLookUp and Confront Climate Change

Netflix’s Don't Look Up film tells the story of those in power ignoring an urgent threat to all life on land despite warnings from scientists — sound familiar? Right now, President Biden has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to deliver radical climate action. He must push America to pass the Build Back Better Bill and its support for climate action everywhere. Let’s take to Twitter and urge President Biden to #JustLookUp, confront the crisis, and deliver urgent climate action this year.

Take action here

3. Demand G7 Environment Ministers End Fossil Fuel Subsidies

The world’s wealthiest nations are putting everyone’s lives at risk by continuing to provide billions each year in subsidies for fossil fuels, but low-income countries will be the first to pay the price. 

All members of the G7 — which includes Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, the US, and the UK — have pledged to end fossil fuel subsidies by 2025, but none are yet on track to meet this promise. 

They must stop supporting fossil fuels in favor of clean energy, but we need your help to make that happen. The G7 Environment Ministers are meeting in May and you can take action now to call on them to put words into action. 

Take action here.

4 & 5. Ask EU Leaders to Invest in Clean Energy

Leaders of the European Union (EU) just pledged to stop importing gas from Russia to support Ukraine, but we need them to go one step further for our planet and end our reliance on fossil fuels like oil and gas. 

We know that the EU has the ability to act fast to save lives, so take action with us by tweeting EU leaders to make sure they know we’re counting on them to invest in renewables and end the EU’s dependence on fossil fuels. 

Take action here to send a tweet to EU policy makers.

You can take further action on this issue by also sending an email to EU policy makers. Join us by taking this action here

6. Call on Europe to Support the ​​Global South

High-income nations are the biggest contributors to the climate crisis but it’s low-income countries that are disproportionately seeing the impacts — that isn’t justice. 

We need equitable policies to ensure every population has the tools to fight climate change, which means wealthy countries must do more to support lower-income nations in the Global South. 

But European leaders are right now considering a plan to reduce global carbon emissions — called the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) — that would put an additional free on products from countries with less-strict climate policies. 

While it sounds great in theory, in reality it would mean a huge extra financial burden for lower-income countries — which are already disproportionately dealing with climate emergencies and don’t have the means to scale up green energy systems. 

It’s a move that would only entrench existing global inequalities. Join our call to action by telling leaders of the EU to commit to spending the revenue on global climate finance and exempt lower-income countries. 

Take action here

7. Learn Why Climate Finance Is Key to the Global Fight for Climate Justice

How can world leaders deliver on climate action without overburdening low-income nations? Climate finance is the answer. But how much do you know about climate finance, what it is, and what’s needed? 

As you take action with Global Citizen this Earth Month, check out our quiz to learn how climate finance can correct imbalances, by making sure the world’s wealthiest nations pay their fair share to help all countries tackle this crisis. 

Take action here

8. Take the Quiz to See How Africa Is Impacted by the Climate Crisis

Nations in Africa contribute the least to the climate crisis but face devastating heatwaves, droughts, and floods year after year. Millions of people have already lost their homes, livelihoods, and loved ones as a result.

Take our quiz to learn more about how the continent is being impacted by climate change and why urgent action is needed to make sure everyone, everywhere is prepared for climate change and protected. 

Take action here

9. Tell Your Member of Congress to Make Climate Action a Priority

US President Biden just introduced a budget that includes $11 billion to fund global climate action, but it’s up to Congress to decide if it will pass. If you’re based in the US, make your voice heard by calling your congressional representative and telling them why you support the president’s budget.

Take action here

10. Tell the US to Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground 

We all know we can't solve the climate crisis without ending our global reliance on fossil fuels — yet the US continues to make massive investments in oil and gas. The US has the resources at its disposal to bring about a renaissance for clean energy, but this requires the administration to step up its ambition. 

Wherever you are in the world, join us in urging the US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm to keep fossil fuels in the ground and swap dirty energy for renewables, by sending an email now

Take action here

11. Tell World Leaders to Protect 30% of Nature by 2030 

We’re in the midst of a conservation crisis — since 1970, our planet has lost more than half its rainforests, two-thirds of all wetlands, and over 60% of global wildlife. It threatens everything from the air we breathe to the food we eat. But experts say we can reverse the decline by taking action to protect both lands and seas. We need to get world leaders to commit to conserving at least 30% of land and sea by 2030. 

While many governments have endorsed this target already — with over 70 countries already having voiced support — there are some key G20 nations that haven’t. Yet. Take action this month by joining us in calling on G20 nations like Argentina, Indonesia, South Africa, and Brazil to lend their support to the 30 x 30 plan. 

Take action here.

12. Take the 'Get Climate Smart' Challenge 

There's a lot to learn about climate change and tackling it effectively, but it can get overwhelming. That's why we've teamed up with digital education platform FutureLearn for the "Get Climate Smart" Challenge — a 4-day challenge you can find in the Global Citizen app, that will share with you a simple task you can do each day for four days to help you get educated about climate change and be the best climate champion you can be. 

Once you've completed the challenge, you'll unlock a sweet 25 points that you can use to enter any Global Citizen Reward, including unlocking a course upgrade with FutureLearn. You can also find more of our amazing, sustainable Rewards here, which you can earn by taking action with us to help tackle climate change. 

Take the "Get Climate Smart" Challenge here

13. Find Out Why Climate Justice Is a Gender Issue

Women are often left behind in climate discussions, despite the fact they are being disproportionately affected by climate change and its impacts. Women are more likely to live in poverty, be vulnerable to natural disasters, and experience the direct impacts of flooding and drought.

So in order to fight the climate crisis and achieve a sustainable future, achieving gender equality is also critical. Find out more about why climate justice is a gender issue by taking this quiz

Take action here

Make sure to check back as we add new actions throughout April so you can champion the planet every day this Earth Month. And if you need ideas on how to celebrate Earth Day this year on April 22, head here to learn more about eight important ways you can make tackling climate change your top priority in 2022. 

It may seem like world leaders make all the decisions when it comes to climate change, but we are what inspire them to act. We can’t let them stand by as our planet succumbs to the climate crisis, so raise your voices with us today, this Earth Month, and every day for climate action.

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13 Climate Actions You Can Take This April to Be an Earth Month Hero

By Jaxx Artz