Why is Climate Justice a Gender Issue?

Do you know why women’s equality is central to tackling the climate crisis? Take the quiz.

What to know:

  • In order to fight the climate crisis and achieve a sustainable future, gender equality is critical.
  • Women are often left behind in climate discussions despite being disproportionately affected.
  • Take this quiz and learn more about how climate justice is a gender issue.

Learn More about this cause:

Women carry the burden of the climate crisis and yet they are rarely represented in decisions regarding climate change. Women are more likely to live in poverty, be vulnerable to natural disasters, and experience the direct impacts of flooding and drought.

When climate disasters occur, women and girls suffer the most from the massive burdens of caring for their household to economic fallouts like dropping out of school, increased domestic violence, displacement and higher risks of child marriage.

Women and girls are at the forefront of climate disasters and are the first to pull together communities in the face of worsening conditions.

Despite this, women are often excluded from the decision table. While their lives get disproportionately affected, their voices are rarely heard.

We need gender equality to fight climate change. Take this quiz and learn more about why climate justice is a gender issue.