Climate Action Now

It’s time to act to protect people and planet – sign the petition to demand change.

What to know:

  • Our land and oceans are under threat from the climate emergency.
  • Action now will ensure a liveable world for all.
  • Sign the petition for world leaders to take immediate action to protect our world.

Learn More about this cause:

The climate emergency is already here. It’s displacing people from their homes, forcing families into poverty, and destroying the lives of millions.

The crisis knows no borders, and it’s often the world’s poorest who are at the frontlines of its impacts.

This is no time to sit tight. But year after year, we watch those in power fail to deliver the action that our planet so desperately needs.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Taking action now – to keep fossil fuels in the ground, to support people on the frontlines of the crisis, to protect nature – will save the world and the people we love. 

Global Citizens are joining forces with one clear message for those in power – it’s time to put words into action and protect our planet’s future. Add your name and demand change.