The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially confirmed that it has received 100% of the $55.1 million in funding toward the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO, powered by the United Nations Foundation and the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation,announced during the Global Citizen One World: Together At Home concert in April this year.

To date, from all events and activities, the Fund has raised a total of more than $232 million from more than 564,000 individual donors, corporations, and foundations, which has helped improve country preparedness and response; accelerate research and development; and coordinate across regions to assess, respond to, and mitigate risks, including the delivery of millions of pieces of PPE and test kits to more than 120 countries.

Lady Gaga, alongside Global Citizens from over 150 countries around the world, took hundreds of thousands of actions during the One World: Together At Home campaign, calling on world leaders to step up support for the Fund.

The world's leaders took notice.

The campaign successfully announced a total $127.9 million in commitments to COVID-19 response, $55.1 million of which was dedicated to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization and $72.8 million of which was dedicated toward local and regional response organizations.

As the virus continues to spread, the funding mobilized by the Together At Home campaign will help enable the world's most vulnerable communities to respond to the pandemic.

Funding mobilized during the Together At Home campaign has helped support the delivery of PPE to over 120 countries, including:

  • 41.1 million medical masks
  • 10.2 million respirators
  • 5.5 million face shields
  • 2.1 million gloves
  • 1.8 million gowns
  • and 646K pairs of goggles.

The funding has additionally helped WHO deploy over 180 emergency medical teams worldwide; assist in the design and establishment of COVID-19 treatment centers in 15 countries; and support the work on 166 vaccine candidates.

WHO, as part of the ACT Accelerator (Access to COVID-19 Tools), is leading the way in developing tests, treatments, and vaccines against COVID-19, to ensure everyone, everywhere is protected.

Right now the world is focused on a common goal: beating the pandemic.

COVID-19 is a global humanitarian emergency, affecting education, driving unemployment, increasing hunger and poverty, and creating the perfect storm for political instability.

Developing and emerging economies will be harder hit by the pandemic, as existing policy measures may not be enough to combat the long-term effects of the shutdown.

The world’s most at-risk communities are experiencing a loss of education among girls and the suspension of vaccinations among children, while the most vulnerable among us quickly fall back into poverty.

To end extreme poverty and set the world back on track to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (a.k.a. the Global Goals), it's essential that we work together to ensure the world’s most vulnerable communities are protected and prepared for what's ahead.

The One World:Together at Home campaign also raised commitments valued at $72.8 million in support of regional and local COVID-19 response efforts worldwide. Global Citizen will continue to track the remaining commitments and will issue future accountability messages as funding is released.

You can learn more about our model and how we drive Impact here, and join us by taking action to help the global fight against COVID-19 here.

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WHO Confirms All $55.1 Million Announced at ‘One World: Together At Home’ Is Helping the World Fight COVID- 19

By Camille May