Global citizens have an impact on ending extreme poverty through the actions they take.

The effects of small actions are not always obvious, but by working together specific and tangible outcomes are achieved. Global citizens' voices influence world leaders and decision makers, and contribute to shaping our world.


Actions taken

$30 billion

Commitments Made

1 billion

Lives Set To Be Affected

Girls & Women


Actions Taken

Girls and women are essential to building healthier, better-educated and sustainable communities. Women and girls are too often afflicted with some of the harshest aspects of poverty. Instead of victims, women and girls can be powerful community leaders.

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Healthy people are able to live fuller, happier lives. They are able to pull themselves out of extreme poverty. For pregnant mothers, newborns and children a healthy life requires vaccines and access to healthcare. Everyone must be healthy to end poverty.

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The world has cut the number of children without an education in half. This progress must extend to the over 50 million still left out. Educated and healthy children will lead their communities out of poverty and build the thriving nations of tomorrow.

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Finance & Innovation


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Ending extreme poverty needs innovative ideas, good governance and sustainable financing. Funding global development needs inspiration from every part of the global community to empower people to pull themselves out of poverty.

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Food & Hunger


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Well-fed people create stable communities, perform better in school and take advantage of the opportunities to end extreme poverty. The world has more than enough food to feed everyone, it’s time to make sure everyone gets enough to thrive.

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Water & Sanitation


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Clean water, a place to “poo” and waste systems are not too much to ask. Over a billion people suffer the indignity of open defecation with almost as many lacking clean water. Together, the world can end these risks and save millions of lives a year.

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A healthy planet takes care of its people. Healthy people take care of the planet. Protecting the earth promotes the people who live on it. Improving the environment gives people the opportunity to survive and thrive in a world free of extreme poverty.

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The world needs active global citizens who are engaged in the world, knowledgeable about its diversity and passionate about change. Ending extreme poverty requires information and ideas that inspire and motivate the global community to act.

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