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This Simple Ad of People Holding Hands Will Probably Make You Cry, TBH

In 74 countries LGBT relationships are illegal by law, meanwhile in other countries, activists are fighting harder than ever to preserve LGBT rights

No person should ever fear showing their love for another and Australian bank giant ANZ is using the power of advertising to make this message clear. 

The company released an ad showcasing support for the LGBT community. A memo on love overall, the ad is a reminder every person could use right now: when society makes you want to let go, you should  #HoldTight

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The ad features dozens of couples holding hands. In the beginning, a couple walks side-by-side through a field and the ad reveals just their hands with matching nailpolish. Another pair of hands is seen folding laundry together.

Then, a couple stands in front of a door, holding hands at first, but they let go of each other once the door opens. Toward the end, the ad takes a turn with the message #HoldTight and support for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, and Auckland Pride Festival. Overall, it’s a subtle and powerful statement. 

The ad is part of ANZ’s campaign #HoldTight to spread awareness on inclusivity and acceptance for the LGBTQI community among the banks customers, staff, and entire community. As part of the campaign, the hashtag also features a custom Twitter emoji of a beautiful pair of hands in the shape of a heart, complete with different skin tones between hands. 

In addition to the video, 75 ANZ staff members literally held hands at a pride rally in Auckland on Wednesday. 

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This support from large companies is an encouraging reminder that social responsibility can come in all forms, and highlighting accepting love in all forms is one of the best ways to do it.