Global Citizen Live, a 24-hour broadcast event across six continents featuring dozens of celebrities, activists, corporate leaders, philanthropists and world leaders, has three key campaigning areas: defend the planet, defeat poverty and end the pandemic. 

Global Citizen Australia has, for years, campaigned within these pillars, calling on the government to step up across a range of issues, from global health equity and gender equality, to protecting the environment and ensuring every child can access quality education. 

Below, we’ve compiled a list of all our current available actions, making it super easy for you to take action with us today. 

1. Take Action: The Education of Pacific Islanders Needs to Be Protected. Australia, Will You Help?

The Pacific is a region particularly susceptible to climate change. 

Humanitarian crises often stem from earthquakes, tsunamis and floods in the region, leaving the education of young Pacific Islanders vulnerable. Thankfully, Australia — a nation that knows the impact of disasters and extreme weather well — has long supported education in the region.

In this “leave a message” action, Global Citizen is calling on Australian citizens to raise their voices and call on Australia’s Foreign Minister Marise Payne and Minister for International Development and the Pacific Zed Seselj to ensure children can access emergency funding in the aftermath of extreme weather events and other crises. 

The ask: Australia to pledge AU$32 million over the coming years to the global fund, Education Cannot Wait

2. Take Action: PM Morrison: Australia Must Play Its Part to Stop the Climate Crisis

Defending the planet is a cornerstone of Global Citizen’s Global Citizen Live campaign. 

Australia, which made a promising start addressing the climate crisis in 2015 by joining the Paris agreement, now needs to ramp up its climate action. Global Citizen is calling on the nation to adjust its current climate policy, which sits at emissions reduction of just 26% to 28% below 2005 levels by 2030. Australia must also pay its fair share for international climate financing to support developing nations in responding to climate change.

The ask: Reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, reducing emissions up to 74% by 2030.

3. Take Action: Australia: Urgently Help Afghan Families Amid Taliban Rule

Australia has a moral obligation to assist the devastating humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. 

Global Citizen is calling on the Australian government not to forgo those who put their lives on the line to work alongside us and compassionately assist the most vulnerable, including innocent children, women, minorities, human rights defenders, journalists and translators.

The ask: Foreign Minister Marise Payne, Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews and Immigration Minister Alex Hawke should issue permanent protection to Afghans currently in Australia, including 20,000 new places for Afghan refugees, similar to other countries; and additional financial and humanitarian assistance for those in need who cannot flee.

4. Take Action: Share This Powerful Video and Help Increase Vaccine Confidence in Oceania

Global Citizen Australia recently spoke to everyday people from across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific about what drove them to go and get the COVID-19 vaccine. These incredible individuals explained what they say to loved ones who have vaccines concerns, what they’re most looking forward to once the pandemic is over for all and why it’s OK to have questions about vaccine safety, side effects, efficacy and more. We compiled the stories and voices of people across the region into a powerful video to ease vaccine hesitation. 

The ask: Global Citizens, help us combat vaccine hesitancy and ensure everyone throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific feels safe, empowered and excited to get vaccinated by sharing the epic video online with your friends and family. 

5. Take Action: COVID-19 Has an Indirect Impact on Hunger, HIV & Malaria. Australia Must Help.

Last year, Global Citizen Australia joined the End COVID-19 for All campaign alongside a huge collective group of organisations that support the assistance of vulnerable nations in the light of the pandemic. Phase 2 of the campaign sees organisations call Australia to continue stepping up as COVID-19’s secondary impacts grow. 

The asks:

  • End the pandemic: To date, many low-income countries throughout the Pacific have vaccinated under 10% of their population. At the same time, Australia has secured enough vaccines to immunise its adult population three times over. Australia must invest a further $500 million in the global effort to ensure equitable access to safe and effective COVID-19 tests, treatments and vaccines for all.

  • Strengthen health systems in our region: Australia should invest $1 billion to address the secondary health impacts of the pandemic in our region, including rising rates of HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis. 

  • Stop famine: Australia should announce an emergency $150 million famine prevention package that addresses the rising hunger and child malnutrition rates due to the pandemic and its follow-on effects on the world's economies. 

6. Take Action: Test Your Knowledge: How Much Do You Know About the Great Barrier Reef?

Despite recent intense coral bleaching episodes, climate change and water quality issues, saving the reef is still possible. 

We know that the actions individuals, governments and activists take now will determine the reef’s long-term survival, which is why we are calling on Global Citizens to educate themselves about the health of the reef. The more people who care and understand the reef, the more likely we are to see the reef protected. 

The ask: Global Citizens:Test your knowledge.

7. Take Action: These Pacific Activists Are Changing the World. Share Their Stories.

Gender inequality is an issue all around the world, but the level of inequality is not universal.

While the average global gender equality gap is expected to close in around a century, in East Asia and Pacific, gender equality will not be reached for another 163 years if progress continues at the current pace. Thankfully, there are many actions individuals can take to speed up the closure of the gender equality gap in the region and throughout the globe.

A vital action is amplifying the voices of people working for change on the ground. By sharing their voices and spreading their message on social media, we can help break taboos and convey important messages far and wide. 

The ask: Use the internet as a powerful tool for social change and tweet out the stories of incredible changemakers. 

8. Take Action: How Much Do You Know About Gender-Based Violence in the Pacific?

The socioeconomic impact of COVID-19 has led to “rapidly escalating rates” of violence and exploitation for girls throughout the Asia-Pacific region, including intimate partner violence, sexual abuse, stalking, forced marriage and sexual harassment.

To begin addressing the issue, it’s crucial that people understand and are aware of the various, often discrete, forms gender-based violence can take, as well as the significant barriers preventing improvements. 

The ask: Test your knowledge about this critical issue now. 

9. Take Action: Think You Know More Than the Average Aussie About Australian Aid?

Global Citizen believes all Australians should care about aid because aid has the potential to end extreme poverty for those most in need by offering programs that improve access to clean water, enhanced education, universal health care and gender equality. This, in turn, protects Australians from the spread of disease and makes sure we live in a politically stable region.

Across the country, however, polling shows citizens are confused when it comes to questions like how much Australia spends annually on foreign aid, where it comes from, which nations receive the most funding and whether recent aid budgets have increased or decreased. 

The ask: Educate yourself and see if you know more than the average Australian about Australian aid.

10. Take Action: Help Teach Others About Australian Aid By Sharing This Video

While the above action asks individuals to test their knowledge and educate themselves about Australian aid, this action calls for people to share the power of the aid budget with their friends and family. If the Australian government sees its citizens supporting and accepting the aid program, they are more likely to step up and increase funding.

The ask: Watch the powerful video and help spread the message by sharing the video. 

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