PM Morrison: Real Climate Action Must Happen Now!

Australia’s response to climate change won’t be enough to slow the environmental crisis. They must do more.

What to know:

  • Climate change is the defining crisis of our time.
  • The cost of inaction is an increase in poverty, hunger and extreme weather events.
  • Send a tweet today — tell Australia that right now is the time to protect ourselves and our neighbours from climate change.

Learn More about this cause:

The world is rallying around climate action.

Australia's recent net-zero emissions plan for 2050 is a good start, but it is the bare minimum, and its pledge to help the Pacific Islands through rising sea levels and other climate disasters doesn’t go far enough. As the environmental crisis worsens, Australia is being left behind as other nations, like France and Denmark, take the action needed to protect the lives and livelihoods of future generations against climate change. 

To ensure we protect ourselves and our neighbours from climate change, we need to see Australia step up in the following ways:

— Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 74% by 2030

— Step up support for Pacific nations working to address climate change

Millions of people are likely to be thrown into poverty by climate change as it forces individuals, families and whole regions to relocate. In places like the Pacific, people will have nowhere to go as sea levels rise. This is Australia’s opportunity to step up for everyone in the Pacific!