If you don’t know much about Australian aid or “overseas development assistance”, don’t feel too bad: research tells us most Australians have no idea.

The 2018 Lowy Institute Poll reveals the average Australian is unaware about the realities of Australia’s foreign aid budget and doesn't understand the important role Australia’s overseas aid program has to play in ending extreme poverty by 2030.

Global Citizen believes all Australians should care about aid, because aid has the potential to end extreme poverty for those most in need by offering programs that improve access to clean water, enhanced education, universal healthcare and gender equality. This in turn reaps rewards for Aussies by protecting us from the spread of disease and making sure we live in a politically stable region.

How much does Australia spend annually on foreign aid? Where does it come from? Which nations receive the most funding? What percentage of our gross national income goes to aid? Is foreign aid increasing or decreasing?

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