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Global Citizen Festival Hamburg


I. About Global Citizen
What is Global Citizen?
We are a social action platform for a global generation that wants to solve the world’s biggest challenges. On our platform you can learn about issues, take action on what matters most, and join a community committed to social change. We believe we can end extreme poverty by 2030 with the power of collective actions of Global Citizens across the world. If you want to learn more, click here.

What is the Global Citizen Festival Hamburg?
This year the 20 most powerful countries in the world will meet at the G20 summit in Hamburg. For the first time, topics that are related to sustainable development are on the agenda. This is the best time to send a clear signal: We must do our best to fight against extreme poverty and inequalities in this world. Read more on why the Global Citizen Festival is taking place in Hamburg.

When and where does the Global Citizen Festival Hamburg take place?
The Global Citizen Festival Hamburg will be at the Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg on July 6, 2017.

Which artists and bands will appear?
Herbert Grönemeyer, Coldplay, The Chainsmokers, and Ellie Goulding are headlining the festival. In the coming months, we will be announcing more artists and bands.

How can a festival change the world?
Our festivals are never just one event on their own - they are part of a larger campaign to pressure leaders to work toward a more equitable world for all. To earn tickets to the festival, Global Citizens take on various types of actions - signing petitions, sending tweets, or calling our lawmakers - asking world leaders and government actions to commit to help the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. Some of those world leaders will appear on our stage to announce their commitment to end extreme poverty in the world by 2030.

Where can I register and take part?
Anyone who wants to participate can register on our website. From March 14, everyone can start taking actions, such as signing a petition or sending a tweet to a politician. From 14th March all campaign actions for the festival will be on First, register. Then, take action.

II. Questions about campaign actions
What are campaign actions?
On the Global Citizen website there are a whole range of actions to participate in, such as signing a petition, sending a tweet, or making a phone call.

For the Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg, we have mostly concentrated on actions that are directed at the G20 heads of state and government. To take part in the ticket draw for the Global Citizen Festival Hamburg, you have to complete all of the G20 actions. These are all listed in order on the page, so you can easily go through them step by step.

How can you participate in the draw and win tickets to the festival in Hamburg?
Everyone who has completed all of the campaign actions will be eligible to enter into the draw for tickets to the concert on July 6, 2017. Just complete all actions and then click on 'Enter'. You can find all campaign actions starting on March 14, 2017, on the website at

How much time do I have to complete all campaign actions and participate in the ticket draw?
You do not have to complete all the actions in one session - you can logout and back into your account. All of the actions you have completed will be tracked and stored in your profile. However, the time period in which you must complete all the actions is limited. You can find all of the exact dates for each draw on the website. Once an action period has ended, you cannot enter into that period’s ticket drawing. The actions from a previous draw cannot be transferred to the next round. You will need to take the actions in the next round to enter into the next ticket draw. If the action carries over from one action campaign to the next and you have already completed it, it will be marked as "complete" and you will not have to complete it again. There we will three action periods in the lead up to the event, and you can enter into each one if you do not win tickets in the previous period.

When do you know if you won?
Once each of the action periods is over, we will determine the ticket winners by random selection of the eligible participants. All winners will then be notified at the e-mail address in their Global Citizen account (it’s a good idea to check your spam folder regularly in case the email gets filtered there). Note: we send only notification to the winners. If you have not heard from us within two to three days after the end of the action period, you can assume that you have not won tickets in that round.

Do I need to register on to be active and participate in the draw?
Yes. In order to take part in the campaign actions you will need to register as a Global Citizen.

I have been active on and have earned points. Will these increase my chance of a ticket?
No. Only the campaign actions, which can be taken on the festival site, count to participate in the draw for tickets to the festival on July 6 in Hamburg.

I did not win. Can I try again at the next ticket draw?
Yes, of course! As soon as the next campaign actions are presented on our site and the action period has begun, you can simply re-participate in the next draw after you have completed all the actions.

In the first round, I completed all the actions and participated in the draw but did not win. Can I skip all actions in the second round and participate in the draw immediately?
Not quite. In each new round, all campaign actions specified must be completed before you can participate in the draw again. Some of the actions will be carried on to the next draw. If you have already completed these actions, they will be marked accordingly and and do not have to be completed again.

How can I participate in a call action?
To call politicians is an important way of telling them what we want from them. Because we want to give everyone the opportunity to participate in such an action, we cover all of the phone costs. All you have to do is enter your phone number on the corresponding action page as part of a call action and then we will call you back and connect you to a politician or give you the possibility to leave a voice message to a politician. Log in at and follow the instructions.

What if the mailbox is full? Do I have to do the action again?
Yes. The action does not count as completed when no voice message has been left. Of course, we try to make space in the mailbox regularly so that this does not happen at all.

How does Global Citizen determine who successfully participated in an action?
Participation in campaigns can be read through our festival site. As soon as a participant successfully completes a campaign action, this is registered by our system. What actions you have already completed will be displayed on the festival page. Information on our data protection and the general terms of participation can be found on the site.

III. Questions about partners of Global Citizen
Are other organizations involved in the Global Citizen Festival and how were they selected?
Global Citizen works with many different relief organizations and partners throughout the year, not just around our festivals. For example, we support other partners in their campaigns to increase the participation and effectiveness of the campaigns - all of these campaigns support the overall goal of ending extreme poverty by 2030. Our partner organizations are as committed to the mission as Global Citizen. An overview of partners with whom we work together internationally, for example, can be found here.

III. Questions about the tickets
How many free tickets will be available for the Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg?
Overall, Global Citizen will provide 9,000 free tickets.

When will the winners be announced?
Each winner will be notified by e-mail and will then have 72 hours to claim the tickets through Ticketmaster. If tickets are not claimed in this period, then they are forfeited and will be added to future draws. (See also our General Conditions of Participation).

How will Global Citizen prevent tickets from being sold on other ticketing sites?
The resale of tickets that have been won, is prohibited. The conditions of participation can be read in our General Terms and Conditions. Any person who violates the General Terms and Conditions will be excluded from the ticket draw and we reserve the right to take legal action. In addition, all major ticket resale sites have offered their assistance and will exclude free Global Citizen Festival tickets from being sold. Any tickets that are fake or have been sold on secondary sites will be automatically cancelled and patrons will not be admitted to the festival. If you find tickets for sale, please contact us at

How can I buy VIP tickets?
A limited number of VIP tickets can be purchased through our partner Ticketmaster. More information is available on Ticketmaster's VIP Ticket page.