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How This Street Artist Hopes to Inspire People to Take Action, No Matter How Small

Courtesy of lululemon

All big changes start with a single action. Sometimes, with a single breath.

That’s what famed street artist WRDSMTH believes — and that’s why he teamed up with technical apparel company lululemon and Global Citizen.

“Take a Breath. Change the world,” is his message.

It’s a simple message, and one that presents a powerful reminder of the core values of Global Citizen, lululemon, and the artist — all of whom believe that spreading positivity and creating meaningful change in the world begins with individual actions.

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So lululemon worked with WRDSMTH, who has been creating inspirational street art around the world for years now, to create limited edition shirts with that powerful message. The shirt was featured at a one-night only mindfulness event at lululemon during the week before the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park.

WRDSMTH told Global Citizen he has seen first-hand the way small personal actions can ripple out in big ways.

“Holding the door open for somebody, tipping generously, or giving a compliment to anybody, can change their moment, their day, their week,” WRDSMTH told Global Citizen. “It’s this butterfly effect that I’m now fascinated with. Those words are very personal to me because I did take a breath, and I do think I’m changing the world to some degree.”

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WRDSMTH’s art is all about spreading positivity. Whether painted on the side of a building, or hanging in a gallery somewhere, the quotes he illustrates in his pieces are meant to uplift, move, and inspire. The curator of lululemon’s New York City HUB seventeen — a dedicated community space located beneath its store in the Flatiron neighborhood of New York City — Carolina Amorim said WRDSMTH’s work and ethos were a perfect match with lululemon’s philosophy on the power of meditation and yoga as tools for social change.

“WRDSMTH’s message inspires change. It brings a sense of personal responsibility and action to Global Citizen Festival attendees, and beyond,” Amorim, who also lululemon's Global Citizen Project Lead, told Global Citizen. “We at lululemon believe yoga and meditation can empower people to evolve, practice and live into their higher selves. When people feel empowered, they evoke change in themselves and create positive vibrations in their community. Thus, creating a better world.”

lululemon became an official Mindfulness Partner of Global Citizen earlier this year, bringing together two organizations dedicating to empowering people around the world to make change in their own lives and beyond.

Global Citizen’s work is about allowing individuals to take actions on the world’s most pressing issues. As a social action platform, Global Citizen aims to empower individuals to take actions on the world’s most pressing issues. And the efforts of millions of Global Citizen’s individual actions add up to make concrete changes for the better.

WRDSMTH said both lululemon and Global Citizen share in his belief that creating momentum can begin with small steps.

“I wrote a piece a while ago that said ‘aspire to inspire others, and the universe will take note,’” he told Global Citizen. “That’s what I think is going on when an artist express themselves. Any art is feeling the need to express oneself, and hoping that it resonates with others.”

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The synergy of values between artist, apparel company, and nonprofit made the multi-dimensional collaboration all the more meaningful.

Global_Citizen_5th Ave-IMG-28.jpgGuests at the lululemon and Global Citizen collaborative event during Global Citizen Week.
Image: Courtesy of lululemon

“I’ve always been a positive person, and I wanted to be positive in my art. All of it is just always looking at the glass not even half full, but fully full,” WRDSMTH concluded. “If you just remain positive, I really do think you can make the world a better place.”

You can check out the mural WRDSMTH painted in lululemon’s flagship store on 5th avenue in New York City, as well as the limited edition shirts.