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Celebrities around the world are taking a stand to support efforts to fight threats to global health. In times of crisis, artists can use their platforms to mobilize the public and help unite the world. Join us and take action on this issue here

One of the world’s favorite celebrity couples hosted a virtual concert from home on Friday to keep everyone entertained while they stay indoors and practice social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, known for their own successful careers as well as for famously collaborating on the hit song “Señorita,” joined the "Together At Home" virtual concert series to take action on coronavirus.

"Guys, welcome to the 'Together At Home' series put on by Global Citizen and the World Health Organization," Mendes said to introduce the session. "We're going to sing a few songs today."

"Because social distancing doesn't have to be boring," Cabello added. "This is a crazy time, and we're all going to come out of this together, we're going to pull through, and we're going to try and connect and make each other smile in the meantime."

Global Citizen, the World Health Organization (WHO), and a group of dedicated celebrities helped launch "Together At Home." Chris Martin kicked off the initiative on Monday to unite the world and combat loneliness while social distancing to help stop COVID-19 from spreading. This week, John Legend, Charlie Puth, Niall Horan, Common, Julianne Hough, Hozier, OneRepublic, and more have all volunteered their time to perform, with many more amazing artists to come.

Ahead of the at-home concert, Mendes shared comforting words with his fans on Instagram: “I know times are scary right now but I just wanted to check in with you all,” he wrote in the caption.

Mendes has always used his platform to empower others. An education advocate who performed at the 2018 Global Citizen Festival in New York, the star founded an organization to support youth in 2019.

Cabello has also shown support for various charity initiatives for low-income families and children since the beginning of her career. The former Fifth Harmony member donated the proceeds of her hit song “Havana” to the American Civil Liberties Union for Dreamers and has partnered with organizations from Save the Children to OMG Everywhere.

The pair kicked off their live performance with a cover of Ed Sheeran's "Kiss Me," followed by "Lost in Japan," "Havana," and "Señorita."

Between songs, they asked fans what they were doing to pass the time at home, engaged in debate on whether Mendes should cut his hair, talked about proper "choreography" for handwashing, and announced that Mendes has been working on new music — which Cabello described as "pretty magical."

They also urged fans to take action and lend their voices through Global Citizen's Together At Home campaign, where you can educate yourself about the coronavirus and how to stay healthy, as well as call on G20 states to support the global effort against COVID-19 and support the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. You can join us in taking meaningful actions against coronavirus here

"This is a time when I think everybody should be extremely, extremely forgiving and kind to themselves and the people in their house and their family," Mendes said. "Because it's scary and it's frustrating and it's hard ... This is really going to be a practice of patience with yourself."

"And compassion with everybody," Cabello added. "And the best way to show that compassion is really by distancing yourself from everybody, especially as young people, protecting our elders in the community and the people that are more vulnerable."

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You can see all of Global Citizen's COVID-19 coverage here.

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