Yazidi refugee Nadia Murad added yet another accolade to her long list of accomplishments on Monday.

The survivor, activist, and UN Goodwill Ambassador received a human rights award from Hillary Clinton at the annual Hillary Rodham Clinton Award Ceremony at the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security. 

The award honored Murad for her struggle to bring to justice members of ISIS who committed genocide against the Yazidi people.  

In 2014, ISIS attacked the Mount Sinjar region of northwest Iraq — home to around 400,000 members of Iraq’s Yazidi ethnic and religious minority — displacing more than half a million Yazidis, the Washington Post reported. The militants kidnapped, raped, and enslaved thousands of Yazidi women and girls, including Murad. Many of the kidnapped women are still missing to this day.

Take Action: Stop Sexual Violence in Conflict and Emergencies for the Yazidi Community

Over the past few years, Murad has joined forces with with international human rights lawyer, Amal Clooney, to call on the United Nations to take action and help bring ISIS before the International Criminal Court to face war crime charges.

Though they have not been able to try ISIS at the ICC yet, as Iraq is not a member of the ICC, the UN launched an international investigation into ISIS’s crimes last fall, a major step toward bringing the militant group to justice.

“To be honest, I’m not so good because the things that we’ve hoped for and the things that we’ve worked for still are not accomplished yet,” Murad said during the award ceremony. “We still are not there yet, but I should say that I’m doing well and I’m hopeful because we still have the energy to fight to bring ISIS to justice and achieve what we’re working for.”

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Murad was honored alongside Wai Wai Nu, a Rohingya peace advocate and former political prisoner, and Lyse Doucet, who has reported on women and children in conflict.

“Nobody has been sentenced so far but we’re hopeful that this will happen in the future,” Murad said.

Clinton highlighted the importance of advocates and activists like Nadia and Wai Wai during the discussion that followed the award ceremony.

“When you listen to Nadia’s story, you realize the importance of law — the rule of law — due process, judicial systems, international organizations that have to be sustained and supported to set standards and hold people accountable and serve as places of recourse for the Nadias of the world,” she said

“It is hard to continue to speak out and stand up against what you think of as obvious wrongs, but do not grow weary. Don’t get discouraged,” Clinton urged.

Global Citizen campaigns for freedom, for justice, for all, and supports Nadia Murad in her fight for justice for the Yazidi people. You can take action here to stand with Nadia to stop sexual violence in conflict and emergencies.


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Hillary Clinton Gives Human Rights Award to ISIS Survivor Nadia Murad

By Daniele Selby