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The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is testing the resilience of health care systems worldwide. The "Together At Home" virtual series and campaign encourages people to practice social distancing and support the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. You can join our "Together At Home" campaign to help beat coronavirus by taking action here.

Reggae phenom Koffee invited her fans to join her on her livestreamed concert as part of the "Together At Home" virtual series on Thursday.

The emerging star opened her set with an acoustic guitar for her songs "Burning," and "Raggamuffin," followed by her bangers "Rapture" and "W." She ended her set with a spontaneous singalong for her hit "Toast," singing the song twice and bringing various fans into the livestream to sing with her. 

The fans who made it onto the livestream were delighted, bouncing around and singing along.

Throughout the set, Koffee urged her fans to practice social distancing and visit globalcitizen.org/coronavirus to support the World Health Organization’s (WHO) effort to stop the coronavirus. 

"I’m asking all of you to lend your voice so we can help stop this pandemic ASAP, so everyone can get back to work, get back to the streets, start enjoying yourselves in your daily life again," she said.  

At the end of her set, Koffee invited different fans onto her livestream to chat about how they’re dealing with the pandemic. With infectious positive energy, she kept returning to her favorite expression, "Blessings," which can be heard through her music as a balm of goodwill. 

She encouraged her fans to listen to government orders to stay indoors and practice social distancing. 

"Do what you can — staying at home, quaranting, social distancing. If you have to go out, stay far, six-feet away from the nearest person to you," she said. 

The "Together At Home" campaign was launched on March 16 by Global Citizen and the WHO with the support of artists, experts, and influencers to foster community, encourage people to practice social distancing, and show support for the WHO’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Globally, more than 900,000 people have been infected by the coronavirus and 45,693 people have died from it, according to the WHO. The WHO is working to contain the impact of the coronavirus by supporting health care workers, working with governments, and looking for treatments and vaccines. 

The best way everyday people can help curb the pandemic is by practicing social distancing to flatten the curve of coronavirus.

By visiting Global Citizen’s "Together At Home" campaign page, you can learn more about coronavirus and find ways to get involved in your community.

The "Together At Home" series has featured dozens of artists and influencers, including Chris Martin, John Legend, Chloe X Halle, H.E.R., Jon Batiste, The Lumineers, Grace Weber, and more.

There are many more virtual events to come this week, including Friday’s lineup:

You can see all of Global Citizen's COVID-19 coverage here.

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