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The global community is uniting in an effort to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus and treat those already infected. The "Together At Home" virtual series works to encourage people to stay home, and to enable Global Citizens to take action to help combat the spread of coronavirus. You can join our “Together At Home” campaign to help beat coronavirus by taking action here.

The R&B duo Chloe X Halle performed an acoustic set from the comfort of their living room in Los Angeles as part of the “Together At Home” virtual series and campaign on Tuesday. 

Sisters Chloe and Halle Bailey played fan favorites “Hello Friend,” “The Kids Are Alright,” “Happy Without Me,” and “Cool People,” and then teased the songs “Do It,” and “Catch Up” from their upcoming album Ungodly Hour. Their tight bond was apparent throughout as they finished each other’s sentences and made each other giggle. 

The duo encouraged fans to practice social distancing, commiserated with them about the hardships of isolation, and provided solace amid the ongoing pandemic.

“I think today is our 11th day of being stuck in the house,” Halle said. “It feels like it’s gonna be never-ending.”

“But it’s good,” Chloe continued. “Because we’re gonna help flatten the curve, guys, and we’re not gonna get sick — because we’re gonna wash our hands, we’re gonna stay inside, and we’re gonna have some fun.” 

They encouraged their fans to visit globalcitizen.org/coronavirus to learn more about the coronavirus and find ways to help. 

"Together At Home" was launched on March 16 by Global Citizen and the World Health Organization, and is supported by artists and influencers worldwide. The campaign allows people around the world to feel a sense of community and purpose amid the ongoing pandemic. It was created to support the World Health Organization’s (WHO) COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, which bolsters health care systems around the world, particularly in low-income countries, and funds research into treatments and vaccines. 

People can take action through the campaign on a range of topics, including encouraging G20 member states and the US to support the Solidarity Response Fund. 

During their set, Halle strummed the guitar as she harmonized with Chloe’s voice and beats played from a nearby speaker. 

Midway through the set, Halle described her experience on the set of the upcoming Disney movie “The Little Mermaid.” Chloe, meanwhile, has appeared alongside her sister in movies such as “A Wrinkle In Time,” and “Last Holiday.”

At the end of the set, the sisters encouraged everyone to stay strong during the pandemic.

“Everybody just hang in there, we can do this,” Halle said. “Staying home is really hard, but use this time to better yourself, get up in the morning, meditate, work out, do your craft, whatever it is, let’s all live with love.” 

“Thank you for vibing with us, staying inside, being safe,” Chloe added. 

The "Together At Home" series has featured dozens of artists and influencers, including Chris Martin, John Legend, Charlie PuthCamila Cabello alongside Shawn Mendes, Lindsey Sterling, Kerry Washington, and more.

There are many more virtual events to come this week, including Wednesday’s lineup:

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Chloe X Halle Teased New Songs During ‘Together At Home’ COVID-19 Concert

By Joe McCarthy