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Photos courtesy of: Dove Cameron, Bob Weir, Lenny Kravitz, Meghan Trainor
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13 More Amazing Artists Offering Exclusive Rewards If You Check Your Voter Registration Status

Why Global Citizens Should Care:
Registering to vote is a crucial step toward meaningfully participating in democracy. The United Nations’ Global Goal 16 calls on countries to protect the integrity of elections and ensure that people have a say in political processes. You can join the Just Vote campaign by taking action here.

The window for registering to vote for the 2020 presidential election is closing. The good news is that checking your registration status is as easy as clicking this link and entering some information.

Global Citizen and HeadCount are making this process even easier with our Just Vote campaign by rewarding the fans of musicians, actors, and influencers with exclusive prizes and experiences for doing this simple act of civic engagement.

Take Action: Check Your Voter Registration Status With 'Just Vote' Here

In addition to the 10 artist experiences announced last week, here are 13 amazing artists offering rewards that you can earn a chance to win by checking your voter registration status today. 

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Eddie Vedder

Pearl Jam frontman and Global Citizen Advocate Eddie Vedder has been a stalwart champion of Global Citizen and the issues we campaign on over the years, having performed at numerous festivals and supported our advocacy work. Vedder has a deep devotion to ukuleles, the tiny instrument having helped him launch his solo career (watch him play “Society,” “Longing to Belong,” and “Without You” on the ukulele.) And now you can win a signed ukulele from the rock legend simply by checking your registration status. 

Enter for this reward here

Meghan Trainor

Singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor joined Global Citizen earlier in the year for the Together At Home Instagram series to raise awareness of the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 relief efforts. Now the Grammy-winning artist is back to encourage US citizens to check their voter registration status. Those who do have a chance to win a special hang-out session with Trainor. 

Enter for this reward here.

Kaia Gerber

Reading is key to becoming an informed citizen and improving your ability to engage on the issues that shape politics. In recent months, model and actress Kaia Gerber has been using her platform to encourage people to read books on racial justice. Now, she’s inviting those who check their registration status to be a featured guest in her weekly book club on Instagram Live.

Enter for this reward here

Dove Cameron

Actress Dove Cameron is an outspoken advocate for women’s rights, sustainability, and various other issues. You’ll have a chance to ask her a few questions if you check your voter registration status and win the opportunity to have a virtual coffee with her. 

Enter for this reward here

Bob Weir

Grateful Dead founding member  Bob Weir has been politically engaged throughout his legendary career. These days, he’s mostly concerned with climate change and boosting civic engagement through his work with HeadCount. US citizens can win a chance to receive a signed guitar from Weir by checking their registration status.  

Enter for this reward here.

King Bach

Andrew ‘King Bach’ Bachelor has built his career through funny videos on social media platforms like Vine, eventually expanding into TV shows and movies. Now you can join the eclectic performer for a virtual boxing class if you check your voter registration status. 

Enter for this reward here.

Lenny Kravitz

Rock legend Lenny Kravitz brought politics to the fore of his last album Raise Vibration, tackling subjects such as police brutality and corruption. Now he’s trying to boost civic engagement by getting fans to check their voter registration status. If you do, you can get a chance to chat with Kravitz himself in a personal video call. 

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Gavin Rossdale

Over the years, singer-songwriter Gavin Rossdale has donated to causes ranging from ending hunger to expanding education to humanitarian relief. Now his sights are set on boosting civic engagement by encouraging his fans in the US to check their voter registration status. One lucky winner will receive a signed guitar. 

Enter for this reward here

Donna Karan

Fashion icon Donna Karan has dedicated the past several years of her life to humanitarian work and formed the Urban Zen Foundation in 2017 to focus on health care and education. She’s still a world-renowned fashion designer, though, and fans of her work can win a chance to attend a virtual fashion class by her after checking their registration status. 

Enter for this reward here

Prince Royce

Singer-songwriter Prince Royce has donated to a range of causes over the years, including health care and wildlife. Now fans of the famous crooner can win a chance to speak with him over video chat after checking their voter registration status. 

Enter for this reward here

Madison Beer

Singer-songwriter Madison Beer is inviting fans to check their voter registration status, and  one lucky participating fan will win a box of signed merch and a personal video call. 

Enter for this reward here.

Shawn Mendes

Singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes has been a longtime supporter of Global Citizen having performed at the 2018 Global Citizen Festival. The artist has also been an outspoken advocate for education around the world. Mendes is joining Global Citizen and HeadCount to boost civic engagement by gifting a signed Shawn Mendes Foundation Musicmaster Fender guitar to one lucky winner who checks their voter registration status. 

Enter for this reward here

Dave Matthews

Famed singer-songwriter Dave Matthews was one of the earliest supporters of HeadCount when the Dave Matthews Band invited the team’s volunteers on tour to register voters. Since then, Matthews himself has been a staunch supporter of civic engagement. Now he’s promising an exclusive acoustic performance as part of the Just Vote campaign — and the best part? Everyone who checks their registration status via Dave Matthews' reward page will win.

Enter for this reward here.