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Food & Hunger

It's time to talk food! A healthy diet of nutrition is coming to you all month

WikiCommons: US Department of Agriculture

I love food. I love eating it, cooking it and talking about it (though you know eating it is best). My love of food is getting the best outlet possible thanks to Global Citizen’s spotlight on nutrition.

Following Global Citizen’s month-long focus on Girls & Women, our team and partners will be switching our focus from empowering girls and women to making sure that everyone is well fed. (Have no fear, the issue area of Girls & Women will continue to play a big role in your day to day action opportunities.)

Nutrition is incredibly important to ending extreme poverty. There are nearly 800 million people that go to bed hungry every night in our world. The first step is to increase these people’s access to food. But it’s not just quantity of food that should be a priority, it is also about getting everyone the best and healthiest food possible.

As you’ll see during this month-long spotlight, nutrition is connected to every facet of global development. To name a few connections: people who do not go to bed hungry are able to wake up and take on the challenge of pulling themselves out of poverty. People who eat nutritious foods are able to avoid sickness, enabling them to be more productive, earn higher wages or go to school. And people who are eating nutritious food yet have unsafe safe drinking water will experience diarrhea and other water borne illnesses, preventing their bodies from absorbing the needed nutrients. See, how it’s all connected.

This month on Global Citizen, will take a bite out of the myths that have plagued food and nutrition development policies for decades. To make sure people around the world have a good diet, Global Citizen will provide you a steady diet of the compelling stories and facts about nutrition. (If the phrase “good diet” worries you, don’t worry, just wait till my colleague Hans Glick starts talking to vegetables tomorrow-this month will NOT be boring.)

To get you started on this month’s theme, here are some compelling stories and actions to get you hungry for July.

●  The world’s 10 hungriest countries

●  7 unlikely facts about food security

●  8 reasons why nutritious food helps break the cycle of extreme poverty

Or you can get involved on this content piece by signing the petition to support food security around the world in TAKE ACTION NOW.

All this talk of food has me hungry-and committed to making sure no one in the world needs to feel this way. Stay with Global Citizen all month to take action to end hunger and deliver a nutritious and prosperous world for all.