The conversations about climate change and equality can be a huge thing to wrap your mind around. They are exceedingly complex topics with many agendas, historically relevant events that have not been reckoned with, and the ever present urgency of time. It can be a lot. 

Meanwhile, the global challenges we’re facing as a result of climate change and inequality continue to increase.

Extreme weather events caused by climate change have increased dramatically over the past decadehurting the fight to end extreme poverty. Millions of people are at risk of hunger due to climate-induced famine; women and people of color are still the most marginalized and oppressed groups everywhere in the world; and our world leaders are yet to take the significant and ambitious action needed to tackle climate change and inequality. 

All of this coupled with the constant stream of news reports of doom and disaster can feel like there is no point in hoping for change. Like you are in a persistent and existential crisis with no way out. 

You are not alone. All over the world, millions of people like you feel the same. This is the only home we have after all and humans are the only species of our kind we know of in the universe. 

The good news is, there is still hope. 

Activists all around the world are still fighting to protect our planet and defend the most vulnerable among us, and — while there's still a whole lot more work to do — women’s rights are the best they have ever been, more marginalized groups are being heard, and more than a billion people have been lifted out of extreme poverty since 1990. And that's all down to the people who, throughout history, have been brave enough to stand up for change. 

Campaigns like Global Citizen’s Power Our Planet are holding leaders and stakeholders accountable and putting the pressure on them to act urgently to unlock the financing needed to combat the impacts of climate change, while ensuring low-income countries have access to financing solutions to more rapidly invest in critical education and health systems, and shift to clean energy. Check out more about the campaign and how you can get involved.  

Global Citizens around the world agree that there is most definitely still hope. As part of our Power Our Planet campaign, we asked you to share poems and messages of hope on the climate crisis and global equality. Your answers were so powerful we’ve put together some of them to share, because your voices must be heard. 


Mehul P., India:

"The power of one

is a simple truth of unity

when all world citizens get together 

for a common cause

the world can become livable

and the planet livable"

Nikita N., India: “An equal world will be a better world. When everyone is given the chance to reach their best potential without unfair hindrances of class, caste, and gender in the way, it's a win-win because the world will reach its best potential.”


Wendy M., South Africa

“In the end there is not nothing. 

In the end there is endless everything. 

The silence a deafening roar of white noise, 

the landscape a bottomless oasis of plasticine deathlessness. 

Abandoned plastic objects longing for a home.”

Glory T., Nigeria

“The wind that kisses us stinks, 

smoke from automobiles and industries makes the clouds look sad, 

we are questing in search of trees, 

along with the missing empathy, 

there is more grey than green, 

a normal world feels like a dream.”

Catherina N., Ghana:

"I see a world where people are kind and compassionate,

Where everyone is treated fairly, no matter their station,

Where poverty and hunger are things of the past,

And everyone has access to education.

I see a world where diversity is celebrated,

Where people of all races, religions, and cultures are valued,

Where differences are seen as strengths, not as threats,

And everyone is included and respected.

This is the world I dream of, and I believe that with hard work, dedication, and a commitment to social justice and equality, we can make it a reality."

Busaosowo B., Nigeria: “Every day the earth gives us a sign that she is enduring a lot. Let's preserve the earth.”

Alieu S.,The Gambia: “The future is promising and bright. Climate justice will be served and we shall win big in the fight to defend the planet. 🙏”

Jacinta M., Kenya: “A more equal world should consider women and girls in tackling the climate crisis. They should be put at the forefront of decision making and their voices should be heard as they are the most affected by climate change.”

North America

Susan W., United States:

"So I count my hopes: the bumblebees

are making a comeback, one snug tight

in a purple flower I passed to get to you;

your favorite color is purple but the grass is green

we take grass for granted"

Mary Margaret P., Canada: “Life and planet Earth are precious. We must act in ways that show respect and reverence for both. The future depends on us. We have a sacred duty to care for the earth.”

Agustin A., United States: “I hope for a world that tries to think about the safety and well-being of future generations of people who they will never meet.  Let's save our great, great grand kids.”


Leo S., Germany

"In nature's symphony, hope takes flight,

Climate's embrace, a shining light.

Equality's call, echoes through the land,

Hand in hand, united we stand.

A world reborn, with balance restored,

Where love for Earth binds us, forevermore."

Samia H., France

"Beneath azure skies,

Nature's embrace soothes my soul,

Harmony unfolds.

People unite strong,

Hands intertwined, hearts aflame,

A world bound by love.

Planet's vibrant grace,

Balanced dance of life's beauty,

Hope for every dawn."

Johanne F., France: “I want to live in a world where animals are not endangered, where there is peace in the world, no famine, no poverty, no social inequalities, and everyone can be who they are.”

Sofy B., United Kingdom: “I do hope we will reach a moment when we don't have to worry about our planet regarding climate change. I want a happy healthy planet with clean air and water.”

Kostya B., Ukraine: “The climate is our future.”

Latin America

Vinicius R., Brazil: "I want a world where we invest in renewable energy! I want to live with clean air and water! And to have systems that are in balance with nature!"


Karsten W., Australia: “I want to live in a world where the people most affected by the changes we face have also the loudest voice. Where women and men contribute equally and are treated as equals. Where the youth is heard and involved in the decisions affecting their future. Where money is not the object of an activity, but the means by which changes can be implemented. A world where we are all citizens of planet earth, and work together to make it a healthy planet.”

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19 Poems and Messages of Hope on Equality & Climate, Shared by Global Citizens

By Akindare Lewis