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How to Get to Global Citizen Festival Hamburg Safely

Safety and the security of people attending the Global Citizen Festival Hamburg is our number one priority. Here’s what you need to know to make sure you have the best time possible at the Global Citizen Festival Hamburg.

When You Should Arrive

Doors open at 4:30 p.m. and guests are advised to arrive as early as possible to avoid delays at the security gates and on the trains. There is not assigned seating, so the earlier you arrive, the better the seat you will get. And so you know: Our lineup is packed, so expect an amazing experience from start to finish. Coldplay will be kicking off the show!

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How to Get to the Arena

We highly recommend people attending the festival arrive by public transportation. The S21 and S3 lines, which go directly to the venue, will be running more frequently before and after the festival. Trains will arrive roughly every 10 minutes before 7 p.m.  

Security Measures

There will be security checkpoints for every entrance to the arena, so be prepared, be vigilant and travel lightly to make this process easier. All bags will be searched, and only small bags are allowed. There are a few lockers outside the area for larger bags, but they are likely to be in use. More detail on what you can bring and can’t bring is here.

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What You Need to Enter

You must have a valid photo ID with you, as well as your ticket, to enter the show. You will not be allowed to enter without these two things. Acceptable forms of ID are a government-issued ID or a passport. Student IDs will not be accepted. Children under the age of 16 must attend with an adult.

And Don’t Forget …

Your Global Citizen spirit. The festival is going to be an amazing celebration of the progress being made to end extreme poverty globally. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!