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Literally Everything You Need to Know About Attending the 2017 Global Citizen Festival

You’ve taken action — you’ve called your representative about foreign aid, signed a petition for women’s education, and tweeted about the toilet crisis

You’ve won tickets. 


And now you’re going to the Global Citizen Festival in New York City to see Stevie Wonder, Green Day, The Killers, Pharrell, and more. You’re excited to hear our hosts — including Priyanka Chopra, Hugh Jackman, and Lupita Nyong’o — talk about the fight to end extreme poverty. 

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You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. 

Here’s literally everything you need to know about attending the Global Citizen Festival: 

OK, real talk: What are the two most important things to know about attending the festival?


1. Bring a PRINTED TICKET to the venue. 

2. Get to the venue EARLY for the best experience. 

Where is the festival located? 

The Global Citizen Festival takes place on the Great Lawn of Central Park in Manhattan. 

What time should I get there? 

Doors open at 2 p.m., so you should get there at 2 p.m. For general attendance tickets, lawn space is first-come, first-serve, which means the earlier you get there the more likely you are to get a solid view of Tré Cool (Green Day’s drummer). 

Once each crowd pens fill up, they will close it and no more attendees will be allowed into that area of the lawn. 

How many entrances will there be? 

There will be four entrances — two for general assembly, one for Premier and Global VIP, and one for Ultimate VIP. 

The two general assembly entrances are located on either side of the park, with the West gate at the intersection of 72nd St. and Central Park West and the East Gate at the intersection of 72nd St. and 5th Ave. 

For those visual learners out there, here’s a map! 

GCF 2017 PAH SLOT 3 (1) (1)-page-001.jpg

I’m from out of town. How do I get to the venue?

Taking the subway is your best bet. For the west side entrance, you can take the A, B, or C subway lines to the 72nd St station. For the east side, you can take the 6 train to 68th St Hunter College. There will be no parking at the venue. 

You could also take advantage of New York City’s extensive bike share, and save the environment at the same time. 

What can I bring to the event? 

The most important item to remember to bring a PRINTED COPY of your ticket. You are also allowed to bring food items, but no liquids will be permitted. Attendees will be given refillable water pouches that can be replenished at water stations throughout the venue. 

Small bags (no backpacks) are allowed, but will be screened at security checkpoints. 

How do I download my tickets? 

Tickets will not be available to download until September 20. Once you've won tickets you have about 72 hours (or the time until the show) to download them. Log in to your Ticketmaster account, and go to "My Tickets." Click download tickets. Print your tickets at home and bring them to the show. 

Are mobile tickets accepted? 

No. One more time for the people in the back: You must have a PRINTED COPY of your ticket. 


What can’t I bring to the event? 

Oh, boy, get ready for this one.  

There’s a whole laundry list of don’t bring items, including backpacks, bicycles or scooters, blankets, camelBaks, chains/chain wallets, cameras larger than point-and-shot, chairs, coolers, fireworks, flags, frisbees, glass/metal containers, illegal drugs/paraphernalia, laser pens or similar focused light, lighters, musical instruments, pets/animals, selfie sticks, skateboards, smoking, sports balls, tents, tripods, umbrellas, unlicensed vending of any kind, weapons, video recording equipment, and water squirt guns.

Seriously, cool it with the water squirt guns. Summer’s over. 

I’m hungry, but I forgot how to cook after downloading Seamless. What is on sale at the venue?

There will be an array of food options for sale at the festival, but no alcohol on sale, in accordance with Central Park rules. You can also purchase Global Citizen merchandise, ranging from tank tops to sweatshirts, so you can rock out with GC all year long. 

Can I move between pens? 

No. Coordinate with your friends to arrive at the same time. Once pens close, they will stay closed. 


Is there a latest arrival time? 

No. You can come into the park as long as music is still playing (until 10 p.m.) 

But again, the earlier you get to the venue the better your view — and your experience — will be. 

Is my ticket code valid for one or two tickets? 

The code you were emailed is for two tickets. Once you’ve redeemed your code, you’ll be given two tickets. 

What else can I do in the park? 

There will be a number of Global Citizen partner-led stalls where Global Citizens can take actions, take pictures, play games, and more. 

What do I do if there’s an emergency? 

First and most important, stay calm. Each pen will have security personnel who are trained to deal with any and all medical emergencies. In the case of other types of emergencies, always follow the golden rule of crowds: know your exits. 


So, what are the two most important things to know about attending the festival?



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