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Throughout the #EndSARS protests in Nigeria, young people mobilised and drove their message through social media; we witnessed some beautiful acts of kindness; celebrities added their voice; the movement attracted global attention; and Nigerians experienced a watershed moment quite unlike any other. 

But behind the on-the-ground protests and social media coordination were organisations, across multiple industries, that also put their weight behind the #EndSARS movement and significantly contributed to its success. 

Demonstrating the importance of widespread participation in the fight for justice and equitable systems, here are some organisations that supported, and are still supporting, the fight to end police brutality in Nigeria: 

1. EndSARS Response

This organisation was launched by Feyikemi Abudu, an engineer and activist, as a direct support and funding mechanism for the #EndSARS protests. 

Throughout the duration of the peaceful on-the-ground protests, EndSARS Response helped coordinate logistics, food, health care, funding, and legal aid in multiple states of the country. 

EndSARS Response also launched a helpline that included medical, legal, food, and mental health support for protesters. All forms of support were provided at no cost to the protesters. 

2. Feminist Coalition

Perhaps one of the most prominent organisations during the protests, Feminist Coalition, a women’s rights advocacy group, led emergency response, fundraising, and logistic support for protesters. 

The Coalition also supported the EndSARS Response helpline, raised more than N70 million ($180,000), and disbursed more than N20 million in seven days to cover medical costs for injured and illegally detained protesters. 

3. Mentally Aware NG

One of Nigeria’s leading mental health nonprofits, Mentally Aware NG provided extensive support for #EndSARS protesters, often sharing helpful resources via its channels and offering free therapy for illegally detained and harrassed protesters.

4. Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) Nigeria

From working to free illegally detained protesters to filing multiple suits against the government on behalf of harassed and extorted protesters, SERAP has done a magnificent job of putting pressure on the Nigerian authorities to fulfill their promises to the people. 

The organisation was already doing a lot of work in advocating for human rights and campaigning against government abuse of office before the #EndSARS protests, and lent its weight fully behind the movement.  

5. EndSARS Legal Aid

Throughout the duration of the physical protests, the Nigerian police responded with varying degrees of extreme force, often illegally arresting protesters and then denying said arrest. But the team of over 700 volunteers at the EndSARS Legal Aid organisation have been working tirelessly to date to get every illegally detained protester out of police custody. 

The organisation has so far worked to free more than 80 illegally detained protesters in 13 states, all for free.

6. The Food Coven

Not only did #EndSARS protesters get fed at many of the protest grounds across the country, in some locations there were several delicacies and meals to choose from — chicken and chips, banana bread, parfait, BBQ wings, plantain kebabs, you name it.

The organisation behind this food fest was The Food Coven, a group of volunteer chefs who provided meals for the protesters for free. 

7. Flutterwave

This financial technology company was instrumental in coordinating the first batch of donations towards the #EndSARS protests and emergency health care for injured protesters, starting with a N2 million ($5,000) donation from its staff. 

It also provided payment links at no charge for the Feminist Coalition and sparked a flurry of cash (and in-kind) donations from within Nigeria’s tech industry. 

8. Domino's Pizza & Coldstone Creamery

This pizza and ice cream company donated free boxes of pizza and cups of ice cream to protesters at multiple locations in Lagos — demonstrating how cross-cutting the effects of police brutality are and why it is important that everyone adds their bit in the fight for justice.

To find out more about the #EndSARS protests, here is an explainer and if you would like to support the movement, here are some ways to go about it.

You can go here to tweet the Nigerian government to fulfil its pledge to end all forms of injustice and abuse against its citizens.

If you have experienced, or know someone who's experienced, a violation of human rights in Nigeria you can also anonymously share your story with Global Citizen here, and we'll share your stories far and wide to help pressure the government for change.


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#EndSARS: 8 Organisations Supporting the Fight to End Police Brutality in Nigeria

By Akindare Lewis