Everyone deserves a clean, safe place to go to the bathroom, yet 2.4 billion people worldwide suffer from a lack of sanitation. Millions of them are forced to use nature as a toilet, turning the great outdoors into the not-so-great outdoors.

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Having to go to the bathroom outside isn’t just embarrassing or uncomfortable, it can be dangerous. Open defecation can contaminate water sources and promote the spread of diseases and malnutrition. 946 million people are in need of clean, private toilets and we need international cooperation to see that those people get them.

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Despite being an island, Singapore has no natural water supply and has been threatened by water scarcity. Recognizing its unreliable water supplies and dependence on foreign water resources as vulnerabilities, Singapore developed its own sustainable water systems — including one that turns poop into water. The tiny nation is now a champion not only for clean water, but also for sanitation because good sanitation is key to maintaining clean water supplies and public health.

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Unfortunately, just across the strait neighboring Indonesia has the second highest number of people openly defecating in the world. Its current president, Joko Widodo, championed sanitation improvement as Jakarta’s government, but he’s in an even better position to bring about reform now.

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That’s why we called on you to give Singapore’s Foreign Minister and the President of Indonesia the push that they need by tweeting a photo of yourself cleaning your toilet — because so many people still don’t have a clean toilet — and you did not disappoint!

Here’s a look at how global citizens got people talking about #BathroomBusiness.

If you haven't already taken action, go here to show up for water & sanitation by tweeting your photo to ask Singapore and Indonesia to improve sanitation for millions of people!


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Global Citizens Talk #BathroomBusiness to Improve Sanitation

By Daniele Selby