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Water & Sanitation

The Poo Ninja threatens Indonesian children, who can save them?

When I think of ninjas, I picture the classic black cloaked ninja with impressive fighting skills and silver throwing stars. Or I think of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with their “cowabunga” catchphrase and insatiable appetite for pizza. I would’ve never thought of a lumpy brown “Poo Ninja,” but after watching the above video, I’m pretty sure it’s an image I won’t soon forget.

The Poo Ninja, also known as “Ninja Tinja,” is part of a UNICEF campaign to support the Indonesian government in its effort to end open defecation in five years. Indonesia has the second highest rate of open defecation globally, and through the campaign “Tinju Tinja”, UNICEF hopes to raise awareness of the serious health and sanitation concerns which come from “pooing in public.” To engage the country’s youth, the campaign has setup a sparring battle between musician Melanie Subono and Ninja Tinja.

You can watch the prelude to the epic battle here, and trust me, it's worth it to watch a grown woman fight a giant dookie.

Youtube: UNICEF Indonesia

The question now becomes who will win this saga? Will it be the vile (and creepy) Ninja Tinja, or will Melanie Subono be able to knock out her opponent with Indonesia’s help?

Globally, 2.5 billion people do not have proper toilets. In Indonesia this means that roughly 55 million people still defecate in the open, which puts themselves and their community in danger of fecal-oral diseases, like hepatitis, cholera, and dysentery. But we can help change this!

We can do our part and help Melanie Subono take out the filthy Poo Ninja by asking World Leaders to make Water, Sanitation and Hygiene a top priority in the UN’s Post-2015 Development Agenda. By signing the petition we can help assure everyone has access to clean water and sanitation in 2015.