Global Citizen's Action Taker of the Week: Franziska Warner From Hamburg

Author: Jana Sepehr

Why Global Citizens Should Care 
At Global Citizen, it’s your actions that make real change happen. That’s why we’re celebrating our most incredible action-takers from around the world, just like Franziska Warner from Hamburg — because together, your over 24 million actions have already impacted 880 million lives. Join the movement by becoming a Global Citizen and taking action with us here to help achieve the UN's Global Goals for Sustainable Development by 2030. 

The action-taking of Global Citizens is absolutely essential to our advocacy and impact, and in driving real social change. 

Collectively, the actions of Global Citizens around the world have driven leaders and policymakers to make more than 100 commitments to date in the mission to end extreme poverty and combat the climate crisis by 2030. 

These commitments, worth $48.4 billion, will impact the lives of 880 million people — through programs and policies in support of education, health care, gender equality, climate action, and quality nutrition. 

Just one of the Global Citizens who have helped make this happen is Franziska Warner, who works as an expert in fitness nutrition and health in Hamburg. She’s been a passionate supporter of our campaigns since 2017 — joining in the run-up to our first Global Citizen Festival in Germany, and has been inspired to keep taking action after seeing the impact of her actions for herself. 

How long have you been a Global Citizen? 

I took my first action in the run-up to the Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg, which was the first held in Germany. The festival took place in July 2017, on the eve of the G20 summit. 

Why did you choose to become a Global Citizen? 

I like the idea of social engagement online and in a community. Showing up in 2020 to change the world not only means to protest on the street, but also to engage online. 

Every tweet, every tag, every email sent does make a difference and gives us the chance to be loud and heard in the world. Global Citizen makes that easy with their model. 

Do you remember the first Global Citizen action you took? 

Yes, I wanted to take part in the legendary Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg! So I downloaded the app and started to take action.

I collected action points to increase my chances to win tickets to the festival, but I remember thinking that my little tweet would never be seen or have any impact.

At the festival, however, I realized that my tweets actually had made a difference. That I was one of the voices who had helped, by bringing people and causes I engaged with on to the stage. 

I saw political leaders, governments, and businesses announcing their support, and committing to change or invest in essential issues to achieve the UN’s Global Goals and help to end extreme poverty. 

I understood at that moment how important each voice is — even mine. Every artist on stage thanked us, the audience, for our commitment and support. From that day on I’ve made my voice count.

Coldplay and Shakira perform during the 2017 Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg, Germany on July 6, 2017.
Image: Ramon Haindl for Global Citizen

Why do you think we should all be Global Citizens? 

We need new pressure points. We are one on this planet, and we as a community want many areas to change or improve. 

The concept of Global Citizen brings us together through music. Get active; collect points; take part in amazing concerts. It’s easy to engage, and it connects us as a community worldwide.

Which issues that Global Citizen campaigns on do you think are the most important? 

All topics are important. At the moment for me, it’s how we can save the planet and combat climate change.

How has your action-taking with Global Citizen inspired you in your day-to-day life? 

I’m more aware of challenges we face in the world now, and I am more aware that my voice counts.

"Action Taker of the Week" is a new Global Citizen series that focuses on the everyday Global Citizens taking action around the world. We’ll be featuring a Q&A with a new action taker every week.

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