Why Global Citizens Should Care
Girls and women are essential for building stronger, equitable, and sustainable communities. Sheillah Sheldone Charles is making her voice heard. Join us in promoting gender equality and taking action on this issue here.

At the age of 9, Sheillah Sheldone Charles is already a global citizen and is using her art to make an impact.

"I draw women because they suffer a lot," the young Kenyan girl said in a video by the BBC. She added that she's seen her mom, who recently had an operation and was in pain, and that she also draws women because they are "the most important people in our families."

Women across the globe face the uphill battle of securing their equal rights. In Kenya, in particular, women are underrepresented in decision-making positions, and have less access to education, land, and employment, according to USAID.

Voices like Sheldone Charles' help shift this narrative toward gender equality by elevating women and the struggles they face.

Take Action: Encourage girls & women to follow their dreams

Sheldone Charles began making art at the age of 5 and, with the support of her mother, has had the chance to nurture her talent.

Despite her young age, Sheldone Charles has already created many incredible works of art — her favorite is a portrait of a lion, a major tourist attraction in Kenya. She has even designed work for Kenya's president, Uhuru Kenyatta.

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Sheldone Charles seems wise beyond her years, and shares her talent freely, teaching other children to paint.

"If you have a talent, don't just say: It's mine alone. I should not teach others," she told the BBC. "So you should also share your talent out there."

The artist, designer, and model who says she draws and paints to improve her family's life, has already inspired many with her work.

Sheldone Charles shows what it means to be a global citizen. Her artwork not only brings us joy — it also calls on us to think about issues that matter.


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Amazing 9-Year-Old Kenyan Artist Draws Women to Show Their Global Struggle

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