Global Citizen Awards

The Waislitz Global Citizen Award and the Curtis Scholarship are annual awards presented to outstanding individuals who are actively engaged with global issues. Recipients of both awards are invited to attend the Global Citizen Festival, a critical lever for achieving policy and financial commitments that will help end extreme poverty.

Check back this spring to learn how you can apply, or nominate someone else.

The Waislitz Global Citizen Award

The Waislitz Global Citizen Award is a $100,000 prize awarded to an individual who best demonstrates global citizenship, impact, innovation, and potential. The 2015 Award Winner, Twesigye Jackson Kaguri , is the Director of The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project, an organization working on behalf of HIV/AIDS orphans in rural southwest Uganda to end systemic deprivation, poverty, and hunger through community development, education, and healthcare.

Learn more about the Waislitz Global Citizen Award and how to apply here .

IMG_8284.jpgTwesigye Jackson Kaguri, 2015 Waislitz Global Citizen Award Winner

The Curtis

The Curtis Scholarship funds an overseas development trip with Global Citizen for the award winner. The scholarship provides an immersive experience highlighting effective development programs around sanitation, girls and women, and education. The 2015 Scholar, Drew Denson, traveled to India with Global Citizen staff to meet key partners and work in India.

Learn more about Drew’s trip and the Curtis Scholarship here .

Drew_Jensen.jpg2015 Curtis Scholar, Drew Denson, Sookrit Malik and Mrs. Gowri Ishwaran from tGELF, and Hilary Gleason from Global Citizen