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The global community is uniting in an effort to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus and treat those already infected. The "Together At Home" virtual concert series works to encourage people to stay home and to help reduce the feelings of isolation and anxiety by bringing people together through music. You can join our campaign to beat coronavirus by taking action here

Ziggy Marley was all about good vibes and positive energy during his livestreamed performance on Monday for the "Together At Home" virtual concert series that seeks to bring attention to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) coronavirus response. 

The reggae artist only played songs about joy, love, and compassion, including “Family Time,” “I Love You Too,” “Ziggy Says,” and “Love Is My Religion.” He closed his set with his father Bob Marley’s “One Love.” Two of Marley’s kids joined him during the set, dancing, laughing, and singing along. 

"I hope everyone is keeping safe and keeping happy, and taking the opportunity to find some positive things in this time," he said. "When this is all over, [we have to ask] how can we help those who have suffered the most? As my father said, 'Help the weak if you are strong.'"

"Together At Home" was launched on March 16 by Global Citizen and the WHO, and is supported by artists and influencers worldwide. As people practice social distancing and countries enforce public shutdowns, the series aims to promote a sense of community and solidarity. It also offers Global Citizens a chance to take action to help stop the spread of COVID-19 around the world.

"We’re far [from each other,] but we’re close," Marley said, touching his chest. "I’m putting out a lot of energy to you, a lot of love, a lot of positivity. Feel it, reflect it. Positive energy is a very important thing."

"We’re all connected," he added. "And that’s why we must care for each other more."

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is causing unprecedented disruptions to modern life. At least 334,000 people have been infected by the virus and 14,652 have died from it, according to the WHO. Economies are collapsing and people are losing their jobs. Fear and uncertainty seem to dominate public sentiment. 

Amid this grim atmosphere, the "Together At Home" series is generating hope.

Marley’s intimate show helped to dispel some of the anxiety and loneliness his fans may have been experiencing. He used the occasion to call on people to understand how everyone is connected.

"I hope we all learn something from this situation," he said. "Spread more love, more compassion for people who are in less fortunate situations."

The "Together At Home" concert series is part of a Global Citizen campaign that calls on governments, companies, and individuals to support WHO’s Solidarity Response Fund for COVID-19.

Artists such as Chris Martin, John Legend, Charlie Puth, and Camila Cabello alongside Shawn Mendes have performed and united with us to draw attention to the pressing need for funds.

There are many more virtual events to come this week, starting with Tuesday's lineup:

By visiting the "Together At Home" campaign page, you can learn more about coronavirus and how to promote global health. You can also call on G20 states to support WHO’s relief fund.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for news about the next installments of the "Together At Home" series. 

You can see all of Global Citizen's COVID-19 coverage here.

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