Anaya Lee Willabus is the youngest person to publish a chapter book in US history!

This nine-year-old girl from Brooklyn New York wrote and published her own chapter book titled "The Day Mohan Found His Confidence".

This record setting book features a boy struggling to balance life at home and at school. It reminds readers of all ages that with a little help from family and friends, anyone can overcome the most challenging struggles.

While Anaya is mostly your typical nine year old, books are sort of her thing. Her mom said that her little superhero started reading at just 2 years old! One of her favorite reads is I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban (written by one of our favorite global citizens, Malala). Another is US President, Barack Obama’s Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance. Talk about some classy reading!

Nearly two years ago, during a visit to Guyana, Anaya was inspired to write her book.

"When I started writing the book I figured it should be someone that people can relate to because sometimes many of us have confidence issues," she said.

The nine-year-old author is proof that anyone can change the world by changing the people in it-no matter how old you are.

Anaya was one of many young community leaders honored at a recent Brooklyn Borough Hall Black History celebration, but she can be honored throughout the globe because she’s using her passion to make positive changes both locally and globally!

“It’s just so inspirational. Not only for me, but for other kids and that’s amazing,” Anaya said in a recent interview.

What’s next? She wants to change the world and be a teacher in addition to continuing her career as an author!

Hear all about Anaya’s story and her inspiring words of wisdom  here!


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Meet Anaya Lee Willabus, America’s Youngest Chapter Book Author

By Gina Darnaud