Today is World Wildlife Day, a United Nations recognized holiday focused on celebrating and raising awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants.

This year’s theme is to “Listen to the Young Voices,” acknowledging that nearly one quarter of the world’s population is aged between 10 and  24. As the future leaders and decision makers of our world, young people must be empowered to make a positive and lasting difference to ensure a sustainable and healthy future for our planet.

This is also at the core mission of Stand For Trees — to give the power to save the world’s threatened forests, and the communities and wildlife that call them home, into the hands of the people to whom the future matters most: young people.

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We are facing a critical challenge to secure the future of many endangered species and plants, and we all have a shared responsibility to do our part and protect our fellow inhabitants of earth.

World Wildlife Day serves as an opportunity to inspire collective action. We want you to know that no matter how big or small, every single action you take has an impact on the planet, and now more than ever we must stand together and take responsibility.    

We encourage you to take action today by supporting a Stand For Trees project and to inspire your friends and family to join you. When you protect a forest from being cut down, not only are you doing your part to help reduce emissions, but you are also helping to save the world's most threatened species from extinction by protecting some of the world's richest biodiversity hotspots. While forests cover nearly 30% of the Earth’s surface, they are home to 80% of the world’s terrestrial species of animals, plants and insects.

Thank you for your continued support in making the world better place.


Defend the Planet

Forests Cover 30% of Earth, But Host 80% of Life on Land

By Natalie Prolman