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4M Actions & $15.6B in Commitments: What Global Citizens Did in 2016

As a Global Citizen, you and more than 8 million others have achieved some amazing things this year.

We raised our voices like never before to secure hundreds of millions of new dollars for education, and billions for sanitation. We changed laws — from getting the Global Food Security Act passed in the USA, to honor killings being outlawed in Pakistan.

Together, we took more than 4 million actions this year, and added to the efforts of our partners, 129 commitments and announcements worth $15.6 billion were made, which are set to affect the lives of 551 million people by 2030.


Here are a few of the things we did, together with you and our partners:

But, all too often this year, as hate and intolerance flared, this still didn't feel like enough. And it's not.

That's why we need you more than ever in 2017, to show that our world is better when we work together as Global Citizens, as well as citizens of our communities and countries.

Next year, we'll be campaigning to ensure that our leaders don't walk away from their promises to the world's most vulnerable. We'll be pushing hard to ensure that all children — especially girls — get a quality education, that the richest countries deliver on promises to fight hunger, and that refugees everywhere get the chances they deserve to succeed in life. And to do it, we'll need you with us.