They confronted myriad challenges to do so, but hundreds of undocumented students across the country graduated college this weekend — with more still to do so. And to highlight their accomplishments, many are posting their graduation photos on social media. 

Online, the hashtag #undocugrad trended on Twitter and Instagram as undocumented students expressed pride in obtaining their degrees. 

“When my school discovered I was undocumented, my scholarship & in-state tuition were taken away,” one Twitter user, camila, wrote. “I told my papi that I was going to drop out & work instead. My papi told me he’d cut his arm off before I dropped out. We made it work. Today I graduated & he’s why.” 

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“This degree is OURS,” another wrote. “Papi worked very hard to help me pay for my education. Mami was always there to remind me that I could do it. They both sacrificed a lot by leaving everything behind so I could have a future.” 

According to statistics from the nonprofit Educators for Fair Consideration, an estimated 10,000 undocumented immigrants graduated from college in 2017 — many of whom benefited from the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that President Donald Trump has vowed to eliminate. 

The Migration Policy Institute, an independent think-tank, estimated that there currently 241,000 undocumented immigrants enrolled in college. 

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Even for those who do attend college, undocumented students have been shown to suffer from significantly higher levels of anxiety, isolation, and discrimination than their peers.

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But the brave students who have joined the #undocugrad are showing that education can be attained, even when confronted with the most challenging of circumstances. Here are some of the most powerful posts: 


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These Graduation Photos of Undocumented Students Will Give You Hope

By Phineas Rueckert