Refugee? Migrant? Human Being. Show Your Support for All People - No Matter Where They Were Born


    2017 was a tough one for us all. Throughout the year, many of us awoke to a world we no longer recognized, whether because of a rise in racist and xenophobic attacks, or a sense of increasing inequality between the rich and the poor — in and outside our borders. Too often, we focused on what divides us, rather than what unites us.

    Now, more than ever, we need to stand up for what we believe in.

    At Global Citizen, we believe in equality, for all people, everywhere. Whether you’re born in New York or Aleppo, London or Lagos, we all ultimately share the same basic needs, hopes, and dreams. To be safe, happy, healthy and equal, regardless of race, gender, or wealth. This is our dream for humanity — and we must stand up for it.

    Inequality within our borders must be tackled — but the solution is not to demonise people who are fleeing unimaginable horrors, or those who migrate and bring great value to our society. Migrant or refugee — we are all human beings, and deserve dignity and respect. 

    In 2018 world leaders will come to the UN to agree on a more just way of managing the global refugee crisis and ensuring dignity and inclusion for migrants. These two agreements, called the Global Compact for Refugees and the Global Compact for Migration are all about sharing responsibility; where all parts of society stand together and do their fair share instead of leaving individual states to bear the burden of mass forced displacement.

    The Global Compacts for Migration and Refugees have the potential to transform the lives of millions of children. This will be the most concrete – and most important – measure of their success.

    If you agree, raise your voice. Share this image on Twitter to show your support for every person, no matter where they were born.

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