At the end of the holidays, millions of families toss out their Christmas trees, making the tradition a rather unsustainable one. But Primrose Vale Farm is trying to change that by offering a Christmas tree rental service.

Six million Christmas trees are thrown out in the UK every year, according to BBC News.

So Primrose Vale Farm grows Norway spruce trees in 35-litre pots and rents them to families for the holiday season.

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“They spend their lives in the pots so they're alive, and happy and healthy,” Paul Keene, Primrose Vale Farm manager told BBC News.

Families will come and choose their tree, bring it home for the the Christmas season and then bring it back in the new year to be planted and tended to until it’s time for a tree the next Christmas.

You can choose a new tree every year if you’d like, but many families opt for choosing the same tree every year, and some people have even named theirs, according to the video.

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There are 250-300 families who come pick up the same tree every year, according Primrose Vale Farm Manager Craig Tennock.

Because the trees are brought back and kept healthy at the farm over the year, they are able to live for several years, instead of being discarded at the end of the holiday season.

“We like the ethos and they don’t go into the bin,” two clients told BBC News. “It’s less wasteful… and they look lovely when they're in the house.”

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This Farm in The UK Rents Sustainable Christmas Trees

By Jackie Marchildon