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Take the Sustainable Seafood Pledge


The world’s fish stock is in trouble. Years of overfishing and mismanagement means species of fish are on the brink of extinction. For example, Atlantic Bluefin tuna stock has declined by 97% in the last 50 years.

However, there is hope. We as consumers have the power to create a more sustainable future by being mindful of our seafood consumption and choosing sustainable species.

If we demand sustainable seafood and choose carefully where to spend our shopping dollar we will send a clear message to the rest of the supply chain - chefs, retailers, wholesalers, farmers and fishers.

When it comes to seafood, it can be tricky working out what is sustainable, as it depends on many factors such as, the population of a species, how quickly a species replenishes and fishing methods. A general rule however is to eat smaller species such as sardines that regenerate more quickly than bigger fish that are higher up on the food chain.

Protecting our oceans also means protecting its marine life. Therefore, the next step in becoming an ocean guardian is to pledge to not eat unsustainable seafood.

Here’s 5 things you can do:

1. Find out where your seafood comes from. Always buy local, a massive 72 per cent of seafood is imported into Australia.

2. Make seafood a treat and eat varied varieties rather than always eating the same fish.

3. Educate yourself about sustainable seafood, Sustainable Table have some great information. You can also check out the Sustainable Seafood Guide (also available as an app for iphone and Android).

4. If you see a restaurant selling overfished or threatened species, voice your concerns to the manager.

5. Pledge to not eat endangered species including Bluefin Tuna, Shark (flake), Swordfish, Orange Roughy (Deep Sea Perch), Cod and Patagonian Toothfish (Chilean sea bass).