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Top 8 super bowl ads from the past that live up to global citizen status

It’s that time of year! 

...Super Bowl Advertisements season!

While some are ready to watch helmets collide and touchdown-toes glide, screaming till the night concludes, the rest of us are ready to see all of those commercials!

Throughout the years there have been some classics that have made us laugh, cry and get serious about issues. (There have also been plenty of not-so-great ads). All in all, which ads were livin' it up the Global Citizen way?

Here's a blast from the past--8 ads that were pushing more than just products:

8. Pepsi: “Cows” (1997)

For the love of cows! Who drank my pepsi!?

How great is it that this commercial has some adorable cows. Who doesn’t love cows?

7. Dodge: "Wisdom" (2015)

Some wisdom from the older folks can help us spread world peace and what not.

6. "When I Grow Up " (1999)

Not only is the gender pay gap mentioned (woohoo), but how sneaky is for reminding us that we’re better than all the things that bring us down!

We can truly be mighty and make change just like these kids will!

5. No more (2015)

Around the world, domestic violence is a reality for too many. This powerful PSA makes it known that ending it is a challenge.

4. Coca-Cola: “Make It Happy” (2015)

Imagine a world without bigotry!

3. Bridgestone: Whale of a Tale (2010)

Save the whale, save the world!

2. Always: “Like a girl” (2015)

"Why can't run like a girl also mean win the race?" 

1. Jeep: "This land was made for you and me" (2015)

This one little commercial combines everything about what it means to be a global citizen. It's got it all: the enviornment, people from all over the globe, and a sense of sharing this land of ours--the world. 

And that's all folks! Tune in to the Super Bowl this Sunday, February 6th to watch this year's commercials! (You'll maybe even find some that promote being a global citizen!) 

If someone yells at you for being only interested in the commercials, tell them Global Citizen sent you to find more concious ads just like these 8!