Why did the toilet paper win in Vegas? It was on a roll!

The toilet paper walked into the employment centre two-ply for a job.

Sorry, we hate puns about toilet paper — they’re tearable!

If there was ever a time to roll out the toilet jokes it’s on World Toilet Day on 19 November – so watch our urine trouble!

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To help celebrate World Toilet day we’ve gathered some images of toilets from countries all around the world. Because everyone poops, but we all do it in very different toilets! One of them is not like the others. Can you spot the difference?

SuSanA Secretariat.jpgToilet in Kampala, Uganda
Image: Flickr - SuSanA Secretariat

Mim Tasters.jpgToilet in Germany
Image: Flickr - Mim Tasters

Acumen_ India.jpgToilet in India
Image: Flickr- Acumen_

Francois Rey - Thailand.jpgToilet in Thailand
Image: Flickr - Francois Rey

Thord Daniel Hedengren.jpgToilet in Japan
Image: Flickr - Thord Daniel Hedengen

Watchdog05_2000.jpgToilet in outback Australia
Image: Flickr - Watchdog05_2000

Flickr - rpb1001 Openair toilet near Gorakpur, India.jpgAn open air toilet near Gorakpur, India
Image: Flickr - rpb1001

Did you spot it? The open field in India is actually a toilet for many people. In fact 2.3 billion people are without proper sanitation. No toilet, no sink or running water to wash your hands, no door to shut for privacy, just you and your business out in the open for all to see.

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This is why World Toilet Day is so important and why we have joined forces with WaterAid Australia to help achieve global goal number 6 – universal access to clean water and sanitation. Take action, #Gofor6 and help wash away poverty.


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On World Toilet, Day Check Out Toilets From Around the World

By Marnie Cunningham