EngenderHealth gets the award for the most creative and incredibly cute way to explain maternal and newborn health. Yep, that’s right. Cute chubby babies telling you how it is. How else would you want to receive your information on social issues?

These chubby babies make it easy to scream OKAY, WTFP?! (Where’s the Family Planning?!)

WTFP?! is EngenderHealth’s campaign educating and engaging individuals in the conversation about how family planning saves lives and empowers women throughout the global community!

This video is brilliant in the way that it highlights how birth control is actually all about having babies--when and if a woman wants them--rather than not having them! (one point for the little boogers!) Speaking of boogers, there are none in this video, but there are plenty of unbelievable groundbreaking facts that could be made possible if women everywhere had access to family planning and quality maternal healthcare.

Like, who knew that there are 225 million women around the world who want access to contraception, but don’t have it?

Who knew women with access to modern contraception earn up to 40% more AND are more likely to continue their education?

Or, who knew that most maternal deaths are preventable?

This global women’s health organization is one that is committed to ensuring that pregnancies are planned, every child is wanted and every mother has the best chance at survival--and this short video illustrates just that and more!

Each view of this video unlocks $1 for family planning, and each share unlocks $2 for the organization that works to expand access to family planning for every woman, regardless of where she lives. 

How great of a Valentine’s Day gift would it be if someone viewed and shared this video with a friend? That’s way better than those chocolate heart boxes no one really likes.

So WTFP?! right here in this little video made by these chubby little munchkin kids!

So why not watch it now, and share it after?!


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These cute chubby babies explain contraception

By Gina Darnaud