Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of women took to the streets around the world today to stand up in solidarity for a host of issues — gender equality, reproductive health, education, and more — a day after President Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States. 

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These causes were showcased in a lot of ways, but none so visual as the signs they carried. Here are some of the best signs Global Citizen saw at the marches around the world.

Image: Meghan Werft

Image: Meghan Werft /

Image: Meghan Werft /

Image: Colleen Curry/

Women march in DC a day after Trump's inauguration.
Image: Meghan Werft /

A young protester holds a sign at the Women's March in DC.
Image: Meghan Werft /

Women who were finished marching and wanted to make sure Donald Trump go their message left their signs at the White House.

Image: Meghan Werft /

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17 Must-See Signs From the Women's March

By Cassie Carothers