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Thank you Secretary Kerry for supporting global education

Flickr, U.S. Embassy Kyiv Ukraine

United States Secretary of State John Kerry announced the US will contribute new additional funding of over $925 million US dollars to the Syrian refugee crisis. $290 million of this new funding is specifically meant to support education for over 300,000 refugee youth in Jordan and Lebanon.

This is incredible news!

The commitment was announced to world leaders this past week gathered in London to discuss the importance of ending the conflict. The conference took place five years after the start of the conflict and raised over $10 Billion USD in support of the 13.5 million Syrians affected by the crisis.

Secretary Kerry is urging other countries to not focus solely on finding homes for those displaced by the conflict, but to also help them rebuild their lives. One of the main ways they can rebuild their lives is through education. A proper education could very well change the course of these children’s lives

Kerry Syrian Donor ConferenceSyrian children being educated in Lebanon
Image: Flickr, DFID

Currently only 50% of refugee children outside of Syria have access to any education.

Around the world there are 28 million boys and girls that are out of school in areas of conflict.  Access to an education empowers children with the skills they need to succeed in life and provides safety and stability that gives these young children a sense of normalcy that many have not experienced in years.

Last year, less than 2% of humanitarian aid went to education. The United States’ increased pledge for aid to Syrian refugees will ensure that in the long term they are equipped to rebuild communities, and their lives.

Former United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres said, "In the devastating context of global conflict and displacement, education gives hope to refugee children and youth to envision and build a secure future."

Kerry Syrian Donor ConferenceSyrian primary school children attending catch-up learning classes in Lebanon
Image: Flickr, DFID

Thank you Secretary Kerry for supporting education, schooling and refugee youth! It is our responsibility as global citizens to create a world where education is a priority for every child, everywhere. This is a great step toward a positive end to the Syrian crisis, and ultimately ending extreme poverty around the world. After all books fight bombs, and build lives.