Margot Wallström, minister of foreign affairs of Sweden, just heard your demand justice. She tweeted today that Sweden would argue for the ICC to prosecute those committing genocide, rape, murder and crimes against humanity against the Yazidi people in the Sinjar mountain region of Syria and Iraq.  

More than 22,550 Global Citizens signed the petition demanding justice against the genocide of the Yazidi people.

Nearly 2,000 Global Citizens tweeted asking Sweden to support brave Yazidis like Nadia Murad, who continues to fight for justice against unspeakable acts of horror by ISIS.

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Thank you, Minister Wallström, for being part of such a strong feminist government which is unafraid to advocate for some the world’s most vulnerable girls and women.

Want to help? You can ontinue to share your support for Nadia and the Yazidi people so the International Criminal Court hears Nadia’s plea for justice and pursues the atrocious and ongoing crimes against the Yazidi people. Then watch Amal Clooney bring on the justice for Nadia!

Cheers to Sweden, Margot Wallström, our partners Yazda and It's On U, Global Citizens, and all those who support Nadia.

Global Citizen took out an ad in today's issue of Dagens Nyheter, one of the most-read papers in Sweden, calling on Minister Wallström to take action.

It read:

"On August 3, 2015, the terror group known as ISIS waged an attack on the Yazidi people in Sinjar, Iraq, killing more than 3,000 civilians and enslaving 5,000-7,000 more — mostly women and children.

Current estimates suggest that 3,200 Yazidis remain in ISIS captivity.

As the world's first feminist government, you have the power to speak out and refer this horrific crime to the International Criminal Court. 

Together we must hold the individuals responsible to account and bring justice to the Yazidi people. 

Yours in hope, 
20,271 Global Citizens"



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Sweden Heard You, Calls for Justice for Yazidi Genocide

By Meghan Werft