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A Game of Thrones winter is coming…to the French Alps, thanks to this guy’s feet

Snow art can be your new favorite hobby. British Snow artist, Simon Beck, proves that all you need to create a snow masterpiece are some walking shoes, some good old-fashioned walking sticks, and a warm jacket.

Using the French Alps as his canvas and the sole of his snow boots as the brush, Simon Beck designed an enormous image as a tribute to the show, Game of Thrones. The illustration took him 13 hours with over 60,000 footsteps to finish!

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There’s been a lot of conversation about the possibility that the Game of Thrones mantra “Winter is Coming” is all about climate change. This snow masterpiece brings that conversation to life. 

Landscapes made of snow or ice are most vulnerable during our world's current climate change crisis. They are also often seen as remote and harsh environments that are not fully appreciated by everyone. Simon Beck is changing that attitude. He is reminding everyone to appreciate the natural beauty of the world.

By reminiscing in its beauty (which should help everyone act to protect it), mother nature can continue to thrive so that she’s still here 200 years from now. Reducing human CO2 emissions is the most practical and immediate way to personally contribute to climate change. To do this, reducing your carbon footprint is actually the easiest approach because a first step can be finding alternate modes of transportation like riding a bicycle or walking...across the French Alps. 

Could you imagine Simon Beck drove a large hummer to create this image?


sNOw way. Simon Beck was determined to create his masterpiece and he was reducing his carbon footprint one step at a time!

After walking approximately 32.5 kilometres of heavy Alpine snow, this the Game of Thrones fan has gone above and beyond to show his love for the show and should probably be awarded with a gold medal. Just consider that he covered an area that is almost 2.5 soccer fields. 

Beck chose to create the Stark sigil in tribute to popular Game of Thrones character, Jon Snow.


(He's speechless.)

With the use of a compass and a printed copy of the image, Beck created this beautiful artwork.

It’s not his first time this creative man is using a landscape to create a new kind of artwork.

Intrigued by the power of nature, artist Simon Beck trudges across snow near ski slopes and sand near beautiful oceans to create massive geometric drawings that are too beautiful and intricate not to call art.

Using a computer to properly map out the area, each piece of artwork is planned far in advance in preparation for the artist’s adventure. Beck plans out each step. 

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Traveling around the world, Simon Beck leaves his mark and shares a moment of bliss for anyone interested. He reminds us that the world is beautiful and we can make it even more beautiful with a little creativity and a lot of steps. Proof that each small step taken by a single person can shape the world into a more beautiful (and healthy) planet. 

Watch what Simon Beck has to say about his creative journey: