Whether it’s making music or wearing makeup, Rihanna is not afraid of going bold. 

She’s rocked everything from dark blue lipstick to bright red eyeshadow

And now, she’s bringing her makeup to the masses.

Today, Rihanna’s new Fenty Beauty makeup range is hitting the shelves at Fenty, Sephora, and Harvey Nichols — and it comes with a message of diversity and inclusion. 

“I wanted things that I love,” Rihanna told Refinery29 of the much-anticipated line. “Then I also wanted things that girls of all skin tones could fall in love with."

“In every product I was like: ‘There needs to be something for a dark-skinned girl; there needs to be something for a really pale girl; there needs to be something in-between,’” she said. 

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The line of makeup, which features 40 different shades of foundation and a lip gloss that, per the singer, “would work well on all skin tones,” certainly accomplishes this goal.  

It will be available at 1,600 stores in 17 countries, according to Refinery29, and is produced “cruelty-free.” 

Like Rihanna, Global Citizen advocates for women and girls’ empowerment, knowing that when girls and women are lifted up and supported, the dream of ending extreme poverty can become a reality. You can take action here.  

“All women deserve to feel beautiful and all women deserve to have a choice and an option when they go to the makeup counter," the singer, education advocate, and Global Citizen told ET. “I have friends of all races, all skin tones, and I think it's painful to exclude anyone. Women love makeup and they should all be included."

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Last week, RiRi teased the makeup line in a must-watch Instagram video that highlights women of all colors and creeds. 

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The singer attributes her affinity for wearing creative, bold makeup at least in part to making her the star she is today. 

“Before she was BadGalRiRi: music, fashion and beauty icon, Robyn Rihanna Fenty was a little girl in Barbados transfixed by her mother’s lipstick,” the Fenty Beauty website reads. “The first time she experienced makeup for herself, she never looked back. Makeup became her weapon of choice for self-expression—a way to radiate her ever-changing mood—and it powered a fearless take on beauty that helped her become the boundary-breaking icon she is today.”

Rihanna is now bringing that message of empowerment to all women. But she’s also having fun at the same time. 

"This is like a birthday party; this is like an album release," Rihanna told a crowd of beauty aficionados at the makeup line’s release party. "This has been my passion project. So have fun, let loose, play with it — it's makeup, it's not serious, it won’t bite."


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Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Is Makeup With A Message of Inclusion

By Phineas Rueckert