Bodyform’s new sanitary pad ad is unlike anything you’ve ever seen — at least not on TV. But for women, the scenes in the commercial are definitely a familiar sight.

The ad, part of its #bloodnormal campaign, does away with all the usual tropes used to portray periods, like women twirling and laughing at nothing in particular, and that inexplicable blue liquid most ads use.

In fact, the opening frames of this ad show a red liquid being poured onto a pad — reportedly the first time period blood has been shown as red instead of blue in any ad.

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The commercial makes no effort to mask the realities of menstruating and also shows blood running down a woman’s leg in the shower, something anyone who’s ever had a period will recognize.

And the internet is loving it.

Many girls are made to feel ashamed or embarrassed when they menstruate — but commercials like these help combat period taboos. In some countries in the world, periods are so taboo that girls frequently miss school or are sent to stay in menstruation huts away from their families. 

“Periods are normal. Showing them should be too,” the ad reads. By highlighting some of the less glamorous aspects of menstruation, the ad helps to normalize periods.

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It even challenges gender stereotypes and shows a man purchasing pads from a convenience store.

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Bodyform Menstrual Pad Ad Breaks Period Commercial Taboos

By Daniele Selby