Norway is joining a campaign to increase funds for women’s healthcare around the world and has committed $10 million to the effort.

The global fund, which was created after US President Donald Trump signed an order restricting any US aid from going to healthcare groups that provide information on abortion services, is being supported by Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Finland, Canada, and Cape Verde.

The “global gag rule,” as it’s called, left a funding gap of $600 million and puts millions of lives in developing countries at risk.

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"The government is increasing its support for family planning and safe abortion by 85 million Norwegian crowns ($10 million) compared with 2016," Prime Minister Erna Solberg said.

"At a time when this agenda has come under pressure, a joint effort is particularly important," she said in a statement.

Nearly 50,000 women die a year and 7 million need treatment every year, as a result of unsafe abortions, according to the World Health organization. More than 225 million women don’t have access to contraception but would like it.

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The Netherlands set up the fund a few days after Trump signed the order. Global Citizen and our partner, CHIME FOR CHANGE, are part of the #SheDecides campaign, which raises awareness to support the fundraising efforts.

The $600 million raise will help 27 million women and couples access to contraceptives and help prevent 6 million unintended pregnancies, 11,000 maternal deaths, and 2.3 million abortions, Lori Adelman, of Planned Parenthood, told Global Citizen.


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Norway Commits $10 Million for Women's Healthcare as Part of #SheDecides Fund

By Cassie Carothers