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Courtesy of MOGA

These Rainbow Headscarves Are Making a Bold Statement About Marriage Equality

Australian fashion label MOGA just released a rainbow headscarf to celebrate the LGBTQ community and advocate for marriage equality.

MOGA, a Muslim-owned company, announced their new product as Australia prepares to tally votes on a plebiscite that measured public opinion on gay marriage in their country. The brand makes 100% silk headscarves for a variety of uses.

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“We at MOGA believe that fashion has the power to positively change stereotypes and social norms,” the company said in a Facebook post. “And that’s why MOGA prides itself on creating innovative looks that are bold and unique!”

The brand is no stranger to using fashion to address social issues. When founder Azahn Munas began the company, he wanted to ensure that his products were supporting a greater cause. Consequently, MOGA donates 20% of its profits to CARE Pakistan, an organization dedicated to expanding educational access to women and children in Pakistan.  

Moreover, the design of many of their products have been carefully selected to speak to important causes, including:

Breast cancer awareness:

The objectification of women:

And now, marriage equality!

Australia’s vote on same sex marriage comes on the heels of its legalization in Malta and Germany. However, gay marriage remains criminalized in many countries around the world, sometimes carrying penalties as harsh as the death sentence.

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The company’s colorful scarf is now available to the public at their website.